Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Covered Bridge Pumpkin Patch

We had a cub scout field trip to the local pumpkin patch today.  It's always beautiful up there and the kids had fun and so it was a good little outing.  It's more of a small-scale pumpkin patch (as opposed to a big one we'll be going to on Saturday in Junction) - which is perfect when wanting to somewhat contain a big group of kids - cub scouts plus siblings!  I needed 20 people in order to make a special non-hours reservation and so another ward brought up their scouts, too.  We had way more than the needed 20 and so that was good.  We did split up in to 2 groups and so that made it more manageable and efficient.
 They have a Clydesdale horse, a donkey, sheep, alpacas, and little cows.  Fun!

 These sheep were loud - BAAAAAAAA!

 We got to go on a tractor-pulled "hay ride."  There were a dozen or so different things to find on the ride - like the tree with a pumpkin in it, flying bats, pumpkin spider, etc.  It made it fun and exciting for the kids.

 Lucy was really into making goofy faces.  :)


 I love this picture of the boys around the fire.  I think it's the only one, though, that Jonas is really in!  :(

 That Lucy.

 That Miles.  They had a little hay-maze and that was sure fun.

 Of course jumping off the hay-tower is always a must-do activity!

And there goes Emmy sliding and twisting down the hay.  On purpose.  That girl.

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erinmalia said...

kids are pretty much the same, aren't they?! jumping off hay bales and making weird faces. mine do all of it!