Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Here are a few random pictures of things going on in our lives.

For part of Miles' cub scout Artist achievement, he drew this cool 3-D image.  I love it.  I found it on pinterest and the boys had a lot of fun doing it.

Miles earned his Webelos badge at our last pack meeting.  Awesome.  Now we're hoping to earn his Arrow of Light before he becomes an 11-year old scout.

 My parents came over this past weekend and we had a really great time.  Ben and I were able to escape to Ouray on Friday and stayed the night there.  We enjoyed playing Rumikub and Scrabble and just having an absence of chaos for a little bit.  :)  My parents met us in Ouray on Saturday and we walked around there.  Sunday was the primary program and so my parents got to see that.  My kids did good!  Emmy and Lucy were perfect.  Jonas had a problem with itchy eyes and his teacher had to move his hands out of his face while he was talking (I think he gets itchy eyes when he's nervous . . .).  Miles had one of the biggest parts (he is the oldest boy in Primary) - which included the 13th article of faith.  He memorized it all and even included "kind" in the article of faith.  I was just glad he didn't say, ". . . we follow the ammunition of Paul . . ." as he did when he first began practicing.  :)  But he did a great job.

Sunday was full of games.  The older group played some Harry Potter Clue - which my dad won.  Then the kids really got in to UNO.  They played and played with my parents.  Even Lucy could pretty much hold her own (not her cards, though - 7+ are too many for her small hands!).  But the best part of the game?  What my dad calls it:  "YOU-NO."  Awesome.

 I am watching a little girl named Wren (actually her name is Ila - just like our niece - but her parents call her by her middle name).  She's cute.  But doesn't like to be put down.  At all.  She cries within 5 seconds of me putting her down.  She is actually comforted when I hold her.  After the kids hold her for a bit, she starts crying.  But calms down when she's back with me.  When Ben looks at her, she starts crying.  But calms down as I hold her and take her away from Ben.  :)  She's a cutie.

 Not only was this Jonas' (and Emmy's) first time giving a baby a bottle, it was also mine!  It's so easy and fast!  Wren loves eating.  Her feet start pumping and such as soon as she sees me get our her bottle.  It's great.

 Today is Wacky Hair Day.  Awesome.  Miles went with an "electrified" look - he has a battery and some wire in his hair.  Jonas went with the punk look.  Of course.  And Emmy fell in love with this style found on pinterest.  And, thus, so did Lucy.  There are cups under their hair.  And lots of hairspray (no idea where that came from!?) and gel.  Fun, fun!

And that's our wacky lives right now!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Miles' Art Debut . . . and we missed It

Awesome, huh?  Miles had an artwork chosen by his art teacher last year to be displayed in the central district's office.  It stays up there until he graduates - crazy, huh?  Anyways, there is a local gallery/gelato shop on Main Street that is displaying the artwork for now - and last Friday was some type of event where people could come and "meet the artists," etc.  I forgot all about it.  At one point I remembered getting something in the mail and thinking it was too late and that we had missed it.  Well, we hadn't - but I didn't find out we hadn't until it was too late.  Ugh.

It wasn't a huge deal, but I still felt badly about it.  Miles didn't seem to care.

So for FHE last Monday we went to the art gallery, checked out Miles work, shot a photo, and the kids all got gelato.  It was fun and especially fun seeing Miles' artwork on a wall - other than his own homes' walls.  :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Little Indians

Last week preschool was out my house.  I had the letter "I" and went with an "Indian" theme.  It was fun.  Here are a few pics:

Here they are doing their "stations."  Fun, fun.  But do you see Lucy's face?  In case you can't, here is a close-up:
 HAHAHA.  It just cracks me up.  It looks nothing like her, but is cute and hilarious.

 What cuties - I'll probably say this a few hundred times. . .


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

All tuckered out

This girl.  Man I love her.

Monday, November 10, 2014

You think he needs spelling practice?

So Miles is a pretty bad speller - and that's putting it quite nicely.  There is no real spelling program at his class (or that I really know of), so I have him do spelling each day (M-Th, test on Friday - or the following day, or the day after that - or whenever I finally remmeber . . .).  There was a great book at the library that has a bunch of "tips."  Ones I've never heard of - like, when to end a word
in -c vs. -ck.  Tip:  if it is a 2-syllable word, it ends in -c (picnic, traffic, magic); if it is 1-syllable, it ends in -ck (stick, pick, lick).

Anyways, one day last week his daily assignment was to pick 5 words and write 5 sentences.  His sentences made me laugh (and cringe because of the bad spelling!).

Here it is:  (oh we were focusing on the suffixes -able vs. -ible)  Spelling words are italicized.

"Cake is edible.  It is also enjoyable.  Dog poop cake is horribal.  But choclat cake with frosting is loveable.  It is possibal that you can make a cake!  Try it!!!

Funny speller that Miles is.  Creative sentence-maker that Miles is, too.

Friday, November 07, 2014

2014-15 School pictures

 1st grade, Mrs. Brummitt.  (I forgave her that she took off her adorable headband and forgot to put it on for her picture . . . :)

 3rd grade, Mrs. Reich.

5th grade, Mrs. Pearson.

Monday, November 03, 2014


From our camping/hiking adventure in Moab a couple of weekends ago.

Just CrAzY!

 FHE - watching an Old Testament video.  Super exciting.  :)  (Look at those 2 girls and their boo's!)

 What went on in October . . .

Jonas is pumping up to . . . you got it - impress a girl!

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween, 2014

Another fun and busy Halloween!  Lucy and I went to the school around 1:45 for the parade and classroom parties.  Lucy, of course, had to get herself all costumed up as well.

 Presenting, Elsa.  Of course.  Ben and I are never big fans of our girls dressing up like princesses, but - just like Emmy a few years back- we let her.  :)

 No, Lucy didn't self-apply the make-up - I did it.  :)

 Jonas and his best-friend Ivan - both Harry Potters (our school went with a "dress up as a book-character" theme again).  Jonas was very aware the Ivan's costume was better - but Jonas still looked cool.  :)

 Emmy standing in line with her class reading to walk in the parade.

Here we are at Jonas' classroom party!

 Emmy, the horse-rider.  She was excited about her costume and loved it, but did wish she was something more "fancy."  She told me that many times.  But I think she was the one and only and definitely the cutest horse-rider out there!

 Expecto patronus!  Or something like that.

 This is the only picture we got of Miles' costume (he had a tail on back).  He was the Fantastic Mr. Fox (a book by his favorite author, Roald Dalh; and a book which he has read and re-read many, many, many times).  We headed out early for a few minutes of trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  Let the fun begin.

 Then the craziness began.  Ben took the boys and dropped them off with our neighbors - who were actually at their friends' house, but welcomed our boys to join with all of them.  I got Emmy ready for her little cheer performance at the HS football game and we went there and waited for Ben to meet up with us.

 Too pretty.  I let her get a little "fancied up" with make-up since it was Halloween and all.

 Emmy and the other "Little Indians" did their show.  It might have been a minute.  It was pretty cute, though.  Although Emmy ended up with some girls that she had never practiced with before and they weren't as good (in fact, I don't think those girls came to any of the Little Indians' practices.)  I didn't say anything, but Emmy expressed how she was sad she wasn't with the other girls she knew; the girls she ended up with didn't hold her up super well.  :(  Oh well, she was part of it and had a good time.

Then we went back to where the boys were and got them and did some more trick-or-treating around that neighborhood.  It was a fun evening.  The boys were excited to take us back to the "pumpkin house."  Miracle of miracle, they were able to lead us there in the dark.  The house had about 20 carved pumpkins.  And a spooky black witch (a real person) that was rocking on the porch.  And an even spookier pumpkin-headed ghost that came lurking out of the trees in the yard.  It was pretty fantastic.  But it did spook Emmy a bit and she wanted to go home after that.  :)

 The spoils of the night.  Aiyiyi that's a lot of candy.

We ended the night watching an episode of the Addams Family.

It was a Happy Halloween!