Saturday, November 01, 2014

Halloween, 2014

Another fun and busy Halloween!  Lucy and I went to the school around 1:45 for the parade and classroom parties.  Lucy, of course, had to get herself all costumed up as well.

 Presenting, Elsa.  Of course.  Ben and I are never big fans of our girls dressing up like princesses, but - just like Emmy a few years back- we let her.  :)

 No, Lucy didn't self-apply the make-up - I did it.  :)

 Jonas and his best-friend Ivan - both Harry Potters (our school went with a "dress up as a book-character" theme again).  Jonas was very aware the Ivan's costume was better - but Jonas still looked cool.  :)

 Emmy standing in line with her class reading to walk in the parade.

Here we are at Jonas' classroom party!

 Emmy, the horse-rider.  She was excited about her costume and loved it, but did wish she was something more "fancy."  She told me that many times.  But I think she was the one and only and definitely the cutest horse-rider out there!

 Expecto patronus!  Or something like that.

 This is the only picture we got of Miles' costume (he had a tail on back).  He was the Fantastic Mr. Fox (a book by his favorite author, Roald Dalh; and a book which he has read and re-read many, many, many times).  We headed out early for a few minutes of trick-or-treating in our neighborhood.  Let the fun begin.

 Then the craziness began.  Ben took the boys and dropped them off with our neighbors - who were actually at their friends' house, but welcomed our boys to join with all of them.  I got Emmy ready for her little cheer performance at the HS football game and we went there and waited for Ben to meet up with us.

 Too pretty.  I let her get a little "fancied up" with make-up since it was Halloween and all.

 Emmy and the other "Little Indians" did their show.  It might have been a minute.  It was pretty cute, though.  Although Emmy ended up with some girls that she had never practiced with before and they weren't as good (in fact, I don't think those girls came to any of the Little Indians' practices.)  I didn't say anything, but Emmy expressed how she was sad she wasn't with the other girls she knew; the girls she ended up with didn't hold her up super well.  :(  Oh well, she was part of it and had a good time.

Then we went back to where the boys were and got them and did some more trick-or-treating around that neighborhood.  It was a fun evening.  The boys were excited to take us back to the "pumpkin house."  Miracle of miracle, they were able to lead us there in the dark.  The house had about 20 carved pumpkins.  And a spooky black witch (a real person) that was rocking on the porch.  And an even spookier pumpkin-headed ghost that came lurking out of the trees in the yard.  It was pretty fantastic.  But it did spook Emmy a bit and she wanted to go home after that.  :)

 The spoils of the night.  Aiyiyi that's a lot of candy.

We ended the night watching an episode of the Addams Family.

It was a Happy Halloween!


erinmalia said...

they all look great! miles makeup is awesome.

Emily said...

Very fun!! I love the Addams Family- I forget about that one when Halloween comes around. I think Emmy's costume is awesome! Very original. Where did you get her hat?

emily said...

Emily - a lucky find via craigslist. It was up in Denver, but the gal mailed it to me!