Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Here are a few random pictures of things going on in our lives.

For part of Miles' cub scout Artist achievement, he drew this cool 3-D image.  I love it.  I found it on pinterest and the boys had a lot of fun doing it.

Miles earned his Webelos badge at our last pack meeting.  Awesome.  Now we're hoping to earn his Arrow of Light before he becomes an 11-year old scout.

 My parents came over this past weekend and we had a really great time.  Ben and I were able to escape to Ouray on Friday and stayed the night there.  We enjoyed playing Rumikub and Scrabble and just having an absence of chaos for a little bit.  :)  My parents met us in Ouray on Saturday and we walked around there.  Sunday was the primary program and so my parents got to see that.  My kids did good!  Emmy and Lucy were perfect.  Jonas had a problem with itchy eyes and his teacher had to move his hands out of his face while he was talking (I think he gets itchy eyes when he's nervous . . .).  Miles had one of the biggest parts (he is the oldest boy in Primary) - which included the 13th article of faith.  He memorized it all and even included "kind" in the article of faith.  I was just glad he didn't say, ". . . we follow the ammunition of Paul . . ." as he did when he first began practicing.  :)  But he did a great job.

Sunday was full of games.  The older group played some Harry Potter Clue - which my dad won.  Then the kids really got in to UNO.  They played and played with my parents.  Even Lucy could pretty much hold her own (not her cards, though - 7+ are too many for her small hands!).  But the best part of the game?  What my dad calls it:  "YOU-NO."  Awesome.

 I am watching a little girl named Wren (actually her name is Ila - just like our niece - but her parents call her by her middle name).  She's cute.  But doesn't like to be put down.  At all.  She cries within 5 seconds of me putting her down.  She is actually comforted when I hold her.  After the kids hold her for a bit, she starts crying.  But calms down when she's back with me.  When Ben looks at her, she starts crying.  But calms down as I hold her and take her away from Ben.  :)  She's a cutie.

 Not only was this Jonas' (and Emmy's) first time giving a baby a bottle, it was also mine!  It's so easy and fast!  Wren loves eating.  Her feet start pumping and such as soon as she sees me get our her bottle.  It's great.

 Today is Wacky Hair Day.  Awesome.  Miles went with an "electrified" look - he has a battery and some wire in his hair.  Jonas went with the punk look.  Of course.  And Emmy fell in love with this style found on pinterest.  And, thus, so did Lucy.  There are cups under their hair.  And lots of hairspray (no idea where that came from!?) and gel.  Fun, fun!

And that's our wacky lives right now!

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erinmalia said...

haha. this is all so great. how long are you watching baby wren? did you laugh at dad's face about you-no? and cups in the hair...who would have thought!