Monday, November 17, 2014

Miles' Art Debut . . . and we missed It

Awesome, huh?  Miles had an artwork chosen by his art teacher last year to be displayed in the central district's office.  It stays up there until he graduates - crazy, huh?  Anyways, there is a local gallery/gelato shop on Main Street that is displaying the artwork for now - and last Friday was some type of event where people could come and "meet the artists," etc.  I forgot all about it.  At one point I remembered getting something in the mail and thinking it was too late and that we had missed it.  Well, we hadn't - but I didn't find out we hadn't until it was too late.  Ugh.

It wasn't a huge deal, but I still felt badly about it.  Miles didn't seem to care.

So for FHE last Monday we went to the art gallery, checked out Miles work, shot a photo, and the kids all got gelato.  It was fun and especially fun seeing Miles' artwork on a wall - other than his own homes' walls.  :)

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erinmalia said...

argh. i hate that feeling! but at least miles felt better than you. and what he did is awesome! good job miles.