Monday, November 10, 2014

You think he needs spelling practice?

So Miles is a pretty bad speller - and that's putting it quite nicely.  There is no real spelling program at his class (or that I really know of), so I have him do spelling each day (M-Th, test on Friday - or the following day, or the day after that - or whenever I finally remmeber . . .).  There was a great book at the library that has a bunch of "tips."  Ones I've never heard of - like, when to end a word
in -c vs. -ck.  Tip:  if it is a 2-syllable word, it ends in -c (picnic, traffic, magic); if it is 1-syllable, it ends in -ck (stick, pick, lick).

Anyways, one day last week his daily assignment was to pick 5 words and write 5 sentences.  His sentences made me laugh (and cringe because of the bad spelling!).

Here it is:  (oh we were focusing on the suffixes -able vs. -ible)  Spelling words are italicized.

"Cake is edible.  It is also enjoyable.  Dog poop cake is horribal.  But choclat cake with frosting is loveable.  It is possibal that you can make a cake!  Try it!!!

Funny speller that Miles is.  Creative sentence-maker that Miles is, too.

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erinmalia said...

oh that's funny. lovable, eh?