Monday, December 22, 2014

Ben Summits The Hill

Well, since 40 is "Over the hill," I guess 39 makes you at the apex?

His birthday was on Saturday and I had moments where I wondered if he would have rather worked all day than been at home all day with some cranky people (myself included, I guess . . .).  But I tried to do a few things to make the day a little special for him . . .

Like I made him cardamom-cinnamon rolls for breakfast (I left on my run as they were in the oven :).  I encouraged him to get out and exercise.  And . . . maybe that was all?!

We didn't do a special birthday dinner/dessert because we went to his work party that evening.  I think Ben actually enjoyed it.  We watched one of his favorite Christmas movies that night - A Christmas Carol (the Jim Carrey one).

Here are the very few pictures I got:

I'm cheating with these first 2 pictures - they were the night before Ben's birthday.  So we'll call it Ben's Birthday Eve.  A garden place in town did a "Garden of Lights" this year - with horse-drawn sleigh rides, hot cocoa, story-telling in a tepee, craft kits, etc.

 It was fun.  But of course the kids didn't listen and get hats and coats and so they were a bit cold (Some got a hat, but no real coat.  Some got a coat, but no hat.  Etc.).  Here they were warming up by the fire.  We met up with our good friends there - Patty and her son Ivan (Jonas' best-friend).  Ivan is on the left.  A bunch of crazies.  :)

 The only good picture I got of the birthday boy!  Here we are decorating gingerbread houses, of course.  A tradition for Ben's birthday.

 Oh I love looking at our fun houses.  Oh, and check out our elf Eljin on the framed picture.  :)

Happy Birthday Ben.


erinmalia said...

sweet! happy birthday ben.

erinmalia said...

also, what's wrong with your kids? why don't they listen? mine listen ALL THE TIME. you must be doing something wrong.

emily said...

okay, i'll send them over to your place so you can straighten them out!

erinmalia said...

oooh, on second thought....