Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

The kids got us up when we said they could:  6:30.  Apparently they had been up (at least the boys) since 5:30.  I'm glad they waited like we said . . . :)

It was a fun day for sure!  We are all blessed and lucky.

Now on to the pictures:
 Santa brought Emmy a little teaching/school set-up - complete with an old-time desk, school supplies, stamps, etc.  Oh and some funky "teacher glasses."  She loved it.

 Lucy got what she asked for - a dollhouse.  She played and played and played with it.  So cute.

 Jonas got this ice hockey game.  He thought it was for Ben . . .  Let's just say they both love it!

 Santa didn't forget Wilson and brought him a tasty treat.

 Ms. Emmy in her funky glasses.  :)

 Miles got this animation set from Santa - to make stop-motion movies.  Once he makes some decent ones (opposed to the sort of ridiculous ones with obnoxious sound-effects - made by him - that he made yesterday, I'll hopefully post some good home videos).

 Just another cute one of Lucy playing with her doll house.

 The boys having fun!  These two are definitely better than Miles and I.  It took forever for me to score ONE point - which ended the game of Mom vs. Miles, since neither of us had scored.  Jonas and Ben played a good while with a good many of points scored.

 Santa brought legos for all the kids in their stockings.  Always a hit.

Even Lucy had fun building her little set.

 Oh and Santa didn't even forget the gerbils and got them a little ball to run around in.  Awesome.  Kind of.

 The boys' big gift from us was a Kindle Fire tablet for each of them.  This is a huge thing for us.  I could write and write all about it and our opposition to much of the digital technology, but I'll save that for another time.  The boys were lucky to get a whole 3 hours in the day and then one more hour at night on their tablet.  During Christmas break (and after they do their 20 minutes of reading and 20 minutes of Khan academy) they will get an hour a day.  Then when school starts back up, it will be back to normal:  30 minutes of computer time on Saturdays.  I'll let you know if they go through withdrawals.

Emmy also got a karaoke machine.  Totally cute.  If Ben lets me, I'll post a video.  (He's fine in it, really it's me and my horrible voice that should scare me away from posting it . . . But I figure if anyone knows me, they already know I can't sing so who cares . . . )

The 6 inches of predicted snow never came.  Boohoo.  But that did mean Ben was able to get out on a nice bike ride and I had a warm and sunny run.  (Luckily we are getting snow today!!!)  We had a good day just playing and hanging out at home.  I'm not sure if anyone whined or cried the whole day?  Poor Lucy tried falling asleep at the dinner table, but we wouldn't let her.  :)

Anyways, another wonderful Christmas.  Indeed we are blessed.  Mostly by our faith, family, and friends.


erinmalia said...

wait....gerbilSSS plural?! ack. that would kill me. :)

everything looks great. i want to see the video because, yes, i already am aware of your voice. ha.

Emily said...

I love Christmas- everything is so magical!! Lots of fun gifts :) I love the Emmy wanted teacher stuff, so cute! I feel like all the boys in my primary class (same as your boys) also got a kindle fire so it must have been the "thing to get" this year!