Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dear Birthday Boy,

Happy 9th birthday Jonas!  A whole year has gone by since your last birthday - duh (I get that word from Grandma Dixie if you're wondering).  Again, it was another year that you grew and had many wonderful experiences to help you learn about life - some of them good and fun, others hard and more challenging.  But all of them are helping to develop you - and you're turning out pretty great so I guess things are going well.

So, like every year, your birthday just sneaks up on me - well, not necessarily your birthday, but definitely writing your birthday letter.  Every year it's the same and the night before I'm writing your letter.  Actually, in New York (your birth place), it's already your birthday!  So I'm late!

But . . . you should be super glad I did not get to this last week.  It may have been the worst week of your life.  Or my life - however way you look at it.  You were so horrendous I wondered if I'd need to deliver you to the loony bin.  I really thought you were psychotic - to put it nicely.  :)  I'm not going to go in to all the details (I do not want to re-live them), but it involved a new board game our family got and your obsession with wanting to play it and your subsequent TANTRUMS (yes, plural) when we told you "Not now."  WOW, Jonas.  You're not even a tantrum-thrower, so it was quite weird.  But you were much better this week and so this letter will probably be much nicer towards you.  :)

You're a pretty darn good kid and we love having you around.  You're funny!  Like the video I just posted with you and Lucy.  You know, "I like to move it, move it.  I like to move it, move it."  Lucy lip-synced to you saying it.  It's one of my favorite things to watch these past few days!  It's just fun - like you.  It was totally random and awesome.  Like you.

You are so cute and sweet and good with little kids.  I watch this little 6ish-month girl, Wren, a few times a week and you just love to make her smile!  And guess what, you totally do make her smile!  Last week you could hardly do your homework because you kept sneaking out of your room and doing silly things to make Wren smile.  You just wanted to play with her and hold her.  You got to feed her once and you loved that.  It's so cute, Jonas.  You'll make a fantastic father one day.

You recently made popsicle-stick skis for our elf, Eljin.  Once, when we were hiking, you and I were together and you just told me all about the many things you were going to make for Eljin - like houses, ice rinks, cars, airplanes, etc.  You actually did this last year (told me everything you were going to make for Eljin while hiking together).  But you never did make anything.  So I'm glad you kept a little bit of your word and made something for Eljin.  They are pretty cool and I'm sure he'll enjoy skiing thanks to you.  :)

You continue to do well at school - though you are by no means a model student.  I don't necessarily mean that in a bad way - you've got a fun personality and you let that shine at school as well.  You have the same teacher that Miles had in 3rd grade and she was so surprised those first few weeks of school to see how different you are from Miles.  But she enjoys you and your personality - though she could probably handle a little less chatting with your best-friend Ivan.  You are in the gifted and talented program at school and love going to the "class" each Tuesday.  There are some interesting dynamics with you and Miles both being in it.  You're smart and do like a challenge - but doing daily homework (even though you have the least of all my school-kids) is just sooooo hard for you to do.  Not because it's actually hard, but just because it's homework.

For the most part, we can count on you to be good and make good choices.  I, and your dad, definitely appreciate that in you.  We love having you as a party of our crazy family.

I love you.