Monday, December 15, 2014

For Jonas' birthday (which was Sunday) we decided to do something "fun" on Saturday.  Church and keeping the Sabbath day holy is wonderful, but not necessarily "fun."  Especially if you're a kid.  So we decided to ski at our little beloved one-lift mountain in Silverton.  They were expected to open on the 13th.  Our backup plan was for Powderhorn, which was to open on the 11th.  Well when I checked Friday morning, I found out that both resorts had delayed their opening because of lack of snow and warm weather!  Ack, on to plan C.  Which we really didn't have.  

But my friend had told me about Crested Butte and it's event, the Santa Ski.  You could buy a Santa suit for $20, then you got a lift ticket for $22.  A regular ticket is $103, so that was quite the deal.  Plus, all kids ski free until the 18th of this month.  So on Friday afternoon I bought our 2 Santa suits and we made plans for Crested Butte.

It was a little stressful in the beginning - it's just a bigger resort than we were used to, we were unsure of which lifts would be best.  Plus, it's quite difficult to manage 4 kids - especially when one (Lucy) is a non-ski-by-herselfer.  But after lunch, we found a great ski lift that lead to many and longer runs.  At one point I headed off for a run with the boys while Ben went with the girls.  Jonas decided on picking the runs.  He chose some blue runs and we ended up who-knows-where on the opposite side of the mountain.  We had to ride tall, scary chair lifts (2 of them) just to get back to the lift we started from.  It was crazy.  By the time we had traversed the mountain and made it back, Ben and girls had done like 3 runs.  It was a little unsettling, but, as one of the boys said (I'm pretty sure it was Jonas), "Well now we have an adventure to talk about!"

The drive home was stressful, too - in a snow blizzard in the mountains in the dark.  Blech.  I'm pathetic - but Ben puts up with me and drives (extra-slow for my sake) wonderfully.  Overall, it was a great ski trip to a pretty cool place - mixed in with a few bits and pieces of stress.  :)


 Lunch.  Actually, this was their begged for and totally over-priced after-lunch treat.  A sugar waffle.  For $4.  That wasn't much bigger than a small salad plate.  It became even smaller when divided by 4 . . . . but the kids loved it and we did it "in honor" of Jonas' birthday.  :)

 Jonas - and some Santas in the background.  I guess another world-record of skiing Santas was set!  Haha.

 Fun Miles.  How did I teach my kids to not wedge so much?!

 What a cute bunch!  Santa Ben, leashed Lucy, and not-looking-where-I'm-going Emmy.

The boys and I on the lift headed (unbeknownst to us at the time) to the outer limits, or somewhere like that.

A grand adventure it all turned out to be!  Happy early-birthday fun for Jonas and the rest of us!


erinmalia said...

oh, so jealous! did you wear the santa suit too? and doesn't ben always drive slowly? :)

emily said...

Yes, I wore one as well. But Ben only got one shot of me - from the back on the lift. :)

Ben drives the speed-limit, if that's what you call slow. :) But I made him drive SUPER slowly down that dark, curvy mountain.