Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Dos for the New Year

What was scheduled for trims, turned in to cuts.  Cute cuts, I might add:

This is probably Jonas' first "real" haircut.  Sure, Ben and I have buzzed his hair and what, but this was a legitimate cut.  I should have gotten a shot of the back of his hair - it's all short and cut!  Crazy.  So it's short on the side and a little long in the middle.  He "roughed" it up a bit when we got home.  Super cute, I think.  (Before his cut, his "sideburns" were nearing ear-lobe-length.  Not cool.)

 When I told Emmy she was going to get her hair trimmed she really didn't want to.  She wanted to keep her hair long.  But we got on Pinterest, she saw a style, and even after I told her it was going to make her hair short, she still wanted it.  So this is Emmy's first hairstyle cut (she's only had one other cut in her entire life.  Her hair is super slow at growing!).
 The pictures do not do justice to how adorable she is!  But they're close.  :)

 Jonas thought she (or at least her hair) looked like a teenager's hairstyle.

Emmy wanted me to get a back-shot.  So cute.

She loves it!  Yay.  Miles got his super-long sideburns trimmed, as well as a bit on the neck.  That was all we wanted.

Yay for new dos.


erinmalia said...

they both look adorable. but man, those real highlights in emmy's hair are gorgeous!

Emily said...

So fun for them to cut a new cut at the new year! They both look great- I esp. love Emmy's!

Ben Maxwell said...

Wow, Emmy has big Disney princess eyes.....but her teeth???