Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Christmas Eve

Well after Ben finished flooding the rink and I finished up Emmy's gift, we headed out for some sledding.  Since we've had only a skiff of snow this season, we went all the way up to the Grand Mesa.  And there was plenty of snow up there for us to all enjoy.  It was a fun Christmas eve afternoon!

 You can't quite tell what was happening here, but Miles was gliding through the path of snow on his sled - rowing with his arms.  The powder was probably 2  1/2 feet deep.  Snow fun.

 This looks pretty funny - with me in the front.  But Lucy hated the snow splashing all over her face so I convinced her to sled again, with me in front.  :)

 These two sure do love sledding!

 She had a few fun runs, but really just enjoyed being in the snow and not necessarily sledding.

 This girl is fearless - she was the first to try the big jump.  Some other sledders even commented about how brave she was!

 Jonas tried it a few times - only after he watched Emmy several times.  At one point he said, "It's pretty scary, huh?!"  To which Emmy replied, "No."  :)

Another one of Emmy on the big jump - backwards.  It looks like she is just comfortably sitting in the air.

 Ben and Jonas got some air, too!

Wheeee, the kids got a little ride in the parking lot to the bathroom.

A fun outing!

We got home, finished up dinner (while the kids picked up the house), ate our yummy Swedish meatball dinner, the kids opened their homemade sibling gifts, got on their new PJs, we ate our Christmas porridge (rice pudding) and the almond was in Ben's bowl.  Lucky guy.  We read Luke 2 and then sent the kids up to bed!  It was a good day and evening.

The kids in their Christmas PJs.  It's been years since I've made them, so I was up for it this year.  :)  I was pleased with their pants and nightgowns.  The kids love them and so that makes it all worth it.

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erinmalia said...

yep, totally worth the hour's drive. i wish we could drive an hour and have snow like that!

you're such a bully, making little lucy sit behind you. haha.

and GO emmy!