Sunday, December 07, 2014

The first weekend in December now equals a girls-weekend trip to Moab to run the Winter Sun 10K.  This was the 2nd year that we've done it.  Last year I did it with 5 gals - this year we had 5, too.  With just one gal that had moved and she didn't run it, but we added another great gal in her place - Heather!  It was really such a great weekend!  We left early on Friday morning (Lucy went to play at a friend's house all day) and made it to the Monticello temple for their 12:15 session.  That was nice.  Then we drove to Moab, stopped in at City Market for some items, and then checked in to our condo (same one we stayed at last year - as well as the one my family stayed at with my parents when I ran Thelma and Louise).  It's a great place!  We made some dinner, picked up our race packets, then came back and ate our dinner and chatted the night away.  It was lovely and fun and funny.  :)

 Here we are all in our race shirts.  Jeni, Heather, me, and Kandace, with wild Sarah behind us all.  :)  (Too bad the shirts had the wrong date printed on them!  Oh well!)

 Here's our group again - on Saturday morning.  It was so much warmer than our 20-degree and snowing race last year.  This is pre-race.  Our shirts said:  "10K Mommy.  6.2 miles of Peace."  On the back it said:  "I sure hope there is someone behind me reading this!"  (Or something close to that.)
We just barely made it from the port-a-potties and then it was time to run!  Yay!

 We all finished - of course.  Jeni, Sarah, me, Kandace, and Heather.  I think we all did better than we thought - so that's awesome.  I got a PR (personal record) time of 52:13.  I paid for it once I stopped running - I was a little queasy and not quite feeling good.  But after some chocolate milk and 10 minutes, I was doing better!  My body is much happier at a slow-and-steady 10-minute mile pace.  But it sure was fun to push it to an 8:15-minute mile pace.  I felt good during the race - I knew I was pushing it for me, but it wasn't too much.  Anyways, enough talk about me.

We grabbed some lunch and then headed back home.  It was super fun just hanging out and chatting with these gals.  I'm excited for next year already!  :)

I got home and Ben told me how he'd been up since 2:30 am with a headache, so I told him to nap while I took the kids to the Parade of Lights.  The Parade of Lights was super and then we came back home an hour later to a napped-Ben.  :)

The kids had fun while I was gone - though Ben didn't get out when he thought on Friday and so Lucy had quite a long day without being with her family.  I think she felt it, but did good overall.  Ben took the kids to cut down our Christmas tree on Saturday morning.  There was snow and so that was fun for everyone.  Ben forgot the camera and so we don't get to see any of that adventure.  :(  But the tree is super.

Anyways, we are now on to another super busy week - full of cub scout field trips, hosting preschool, mailing out Christmas cards, planning a birthday ski-day for Jonas, buying gifts for Jonas' b-day (on Sunday), wrestling, gymnastics, school music performance, ward party to organize, Wren to watch, etc., etc. etc.

Welcome to December!

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erinmalia said...

i LOVE girls' running trips! and so great on your pr. and please, it's your blog, talk about you. (obviously i have no problem with this. ha.)