Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Letter N

Preschool was at my house this week.  I love getting on Pinterest and finding ideas.  It makes my Pinterest-habit seem more productive.  :)

We're on the letter N and so our activities included reading the Nutcracker, making a paper N with a bird and nest, eating graham crackers with Nutella, playing several Number games (Gingerbread dice game and what I call Santa Bingo), making a Nativity suncatcher, and finally reading a book on the Nativity.  Plus I was nice and let them play.  :)

 Playing the gingerbread dice game.  Found here.

Playing Santa Bingo.  It was fun!  Especially once you got bingo and got to eat the marshmallows.  :)  Idea found here.

Lucy and her nativity suncatcher.  Idea found here.

It takes time and work to get everything together, but it's definitely worth.  I'm lucky I get to do this with Lucy!

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erinmalia said...

so fuN! :)