Friday, January 02, 2015

A Catch-All

Sometimes when I'm lazy and I just want to get my pictures posted, I bunch them all together in one post.  Like now:

 December is . . . Done.  Love the month, even though it is super crazy, busy, and stressful!  It's also delightful and magical.

 On New Year's Day we break down our houses and eat them.  More or less.  Yes, I realize Ben is cut out slightly.  But he was pretty goofy in the other pictures, so I'm sure he's happy with this one.  :)

 The best part according to Ben, Emmy, and Emily:  dipping the house in milk.  YUM.

 Jonas' frosting mustache.

 Today we were able to get out on the ice!  Yippeee!  It was super fun - except the part where my kids just constantly complained about one another.  Christmas break is a little too much for them as well it seems . . . :)

The skating gang.  Lucy has gotten much better - not skating, per se, but she would just hold on and go around and around the perimeter of the rink.  On her own.  Which is big.  It meant I didn't have to hold and push her around the entire time.  Awesome.  After the girls headed back in, the 2 boys played me in hockey.  I beat them - 10 to 9.  Nice game!  I truly love getting out there with the fam.

And tonite Ben is having Men's Hockey Night.  Due to the warm and crummy weather, it might be the one and only of the season.  Let's say it ain't so!  It makes him oh-so-happy.

So that's that.

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erinmalia said...

yeah, we also put the gingerbread houses on a big sheet and let the boys have at it. thankfully because now the candy is GONE. phew. so sorry about the rink. :(