Monday, January 05, 2015

A Super Weekend

This past weekend was fun - we actually got out and did stuff.  With extended family, so that was a huge bonus!

Friday night everyone arrived.  My parents came over and then we headed over to the hotel to swim.  The water was less-than-warm and it was quite miserable for us old folks.  But the kids had a super time.  Finally it was hot-tub time - that was fun as we went to the outside one, where is was probably like 20 degrees.  Awesome.  We ate there at the hotel and then saw and visited with the others - Derek, Renee and Josten, and then Renee's brother Brian and his family (wife Janice, and 2 boys:  Teddy and Charlie).  We didn't stay for too long as Ben had hockey night (which I made him do since it might be the only time this season).

On Saturday we went skiing at Silverton.  Brian and Janice and their boys didn't make it since the kids weren't feeling super great.  But everyone else came and that made it extra-special.  Emmy said our car-prayer that morning and said something along the lines of, "Please bless us to not get in an accident.  Please bless us to help other people if they are in an accident. . . "  Well we ended up coming upon a car that had pulled off the road and then sunk in the deep snow and got stuck.  We had to stop because of Emmy's prayer.  :)  Several others stopped, including my parents right behind us, and a snow-plow that helped by putting down sand on the road.  The car eventually got unstuck.

We made it to Silverton and as we got to the ski hill, Jonas proclaimed, "I love Kendall!"  We do love that ski-hill, as small as it is.  It feels like "home," in the skiing-sense.  :)

Our kids totally loved skiing and riding the lifts with Aunt Renee, Uncle Derek, and cousin Josten.  It was really fun for our kids!  Jonas really latched on to Josten and they had fun skiing together.  Whatever Josten did, Jonas would try and copy.  It was cute.  :)  Aunt Renee and Miles went on an adventure to explore the mountain side, including an old mine shaft.  Miles was pretty much in heaven.  Lucy, not wanting to ski at first, finally perked up and had a great time.  Emmy did a great job of skiing as well.  My parents hung out at the lodge and got to watch everyone ski.  I think it was fun for them, too!  Our batteries died and so we only got a few pictures (mainly of Lucy; the boys were usually not with us!):

 Look, Ma, no hands!

 Look, Ma, no leash!  Close to the bottom, we would let her go on her own.  She always demanded we do so.  :)

 She loves it!

 Wow, I'm in a lot of shots, too.  That doesn't happen too often.

 Cute Emmy riding up with her dad.  She absolutely loves skiing, too.

Well at least we got one shot of one boy - Miles.

We had a good day skiing.  It was snowing, with snowy roads, on the way home.  I'm always nervous on that crazy Red Mountain Pass, but it's been worse for us and so I wasn't terrified nor even close to tears this time!  Awesome.  (Ben's a great, cautious driver!)

That night we all went to dinner at a local restaurant, Camp Robber.  We were able to reserve a back room all to ourselves and so that was super nice and comfortable.  It was a nice and yummy evening.

Sunday we moved to our new church time of 1pm.  My parents came over late-morning and we just hung out doing not much.  Then was church.  Then a miracle happened:  Ben came home with us!  I think it was a first during his time as bishop.  Lucky us and lucky him.

We then had everyone over for dinner - 15 of us.  The kids had a super great time together running around like crazies and lovin' it.  Then we headed over to Marcus' house.  Marcus is a co-worker of Ben's and when he was over for hockey night we were talking about our weekend, my family, watching Derek's show, etc.  He mentioned that he had the DIY channel and might try and watch it.  Well it turned out that the hotel didn't have the channel, our cable provider doesn't offer it at all - so we didn't have many options for watching Derek's premiere on Building Alaska.  Well Ben called up Marcus on Saturday night and asked if 15 of us could come over and watch on Sunday night.  He agreed, after checking with his wife.  Good man.

So we went over to Marcus' home and had a really fun time watching Derek's show all together.  Really, it was totally fun to see him on TV and see him watching himself.  :)  It was pretty awesome.

 The gang:  (from left to right) Jonas, Derek, Miles, Dixie, Charlie, Josten, Teddy, Renee, Emmy, Lucy, Ben, Janice, Brian, and Jim.  So fun!

 There he is - on TV.  So cool.

And of course this is what happens after a long and full weekend.  Goodnight Lucy!

The only thing missing from this whole weekend?  Erin and her family, of course.

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erinmalia said...

awww...thanks! :(

now i need to post some pictures of my family doing DC stuff to make you jealous. of course, i'd have to actually do those things....

i love that pic of you on the lift. it's a print-er!