Saturday, January 31, 2015

A True Scouting Adventure

Well Miles is almost 11 years old.  In the scouting world, that means it is the end of cub scouts and the beginning of Boy Scouts.  Almost.  We have a transition year from cubs into Boys, called the 11 year-old scouts.  And he's just about there!  In order for him to receive his Arrow of Light award (the highest award in cub scouts), one requirement was to go on an outdoor adventure with a Boy Scout troop.  Long story, short:  Ben organized a ward's young men/scouts activity and took Miles (and Jonas) along.  It was a hike to some Indian cave - hiking up and along steep cliffs.  In mud and drizzle.  Sounds exciting, huh?!  The cave looked cool.  The boys were happy when they came home and told me all about it.  I think it was a good adventure!

 The group:  Miles, Kyle (leader), Jonas, Thomas (YM Pres.), Randy (guide, bishopric counselor), Logan, Dillon, Sam, Geoff (YM counselor).

 Check out their muddy feet!

 Going up and up and up.

 This was some plant that they ate along the way.  As Ben just said, "They were delicious."  He can't remember what their name is.  But I guess they were sweet and salty leaves.  No bitterness.  Interesting.

 I love this picture!  Randy is pointing to the little hole (aka, the Indian Cave) they were going to hike to!

 Walking along the steep cliff to enter in to the cave.

They made it inside the cave!  Very cool.

 Miles looking out the window in the cave.


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erinmalia said...

haha. i thought you were going to say that after ben ate the berries, he "couldn't remember anything." now THAT would be a story!

and you're right...maybe i'm not so jealous of this trip.