Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Another (probably) boring Update, Plus a Video

So I haven’t posted in for. ev. er.  The kids are back in school and we’re just relatively busy with that and everything else going on.  Miles is doing alright.  We’re trying to help him stay organized with his school work and assignments and such.  It’s quite difficult!  J  But he’s seems to be doing a little better since after the holiday break.  Hopefully it will continue.  He has a “girlfriend.”  She actually asked him to be her boyfriend.  She – Keely (not Kelly, but KEEly) is a neighbor and used to go to Northside for the first part of the year but now attends some private school.  They haven’t seen each other in like a week and so I don’t think it’s anything serious.  J  But my favorite part was when some friends were over one day (including Keely) and I guess Miles had told her that he would be her boyfriend.   At one point they were in the basement and I heard Jonas telling them, “Well Miles if Keely is your girlfriend then you have to let her go first on the swing.”  Awesome.  Jonas is smart.

Jonas is now having a few “behavior” issues at school.  His teacher emailed me last week telling me he is not paying attention, being a distraction, etc.  L  We’ve seen similar problems at home – during FHE, scripture study, etc., Jonas just won’t really act appropriately.  It’s frustrating and I’m not sure how to fix it.  All I could come up with is a negative consequence – not my favorite, but oh well.  He now has to color his reading log with what behavior he was at for the day (green = good, orange = whoops, yellow = more whoops, etc.).  So he’ll have more accountability to me and he’ll lose minutes on his Saturday tablet-time for anything other than a green.  He seems more interested in making others laugh than being good.  Hopefully he’ll improve . . .

Emmy missed three day s of school last week.  I’m not sure she even missed three day all of last year.  So it was kind of a big deal.  She was dealing with yet another UTI.  She’s now almost done with her 10-day course of yucky antibiotic and so hopefully we can stay healthy.  We got most of her work for her to do when she was feeling decent enough.  She always runs such high fevers when she gets sick – 104+ is not unusual for her.  Right now I’m watching her at her gymnastics class.  It’s pretty fun.  She does love it.  There is a boy in her school class that loves her, as she tells me.  His name is Kevin.  He tries to kiss her all the time, I guess.  J  I think she likes being liked. . . .  She’s can still pretty feisty!  Yesterday she stated fiercely, “I hate him!”  (Him = Miles)  My friend was with us and heard Emmy and said, “Wow, I’ve never seen this side of her.”  Oh I have . . .  But she can be amazingly sweet, too.  Sugar and spice!

Lucy is dandy.  Except when she’s not.  But for the most part she is pretty great and does well hanging out with me, going on all my errands, etc.  She’s not a super independent player and that makes it difficult sometimes.  She loves her co-op preschool group – they meet each Wednesday.  They are a good bunch.  She loves going to gymnastics as well.  She and Emmy have gotten into coloring lately.  I bought a book for them when Emmy was home sick – Frozen, of course.  J  They are both getting better and I think Lucy is good for her age.  My “homeschool” with her is a little less scheduled than my other 3 kids, but we try and do stuff once or twice a week.  Maybe next year I’ll be more scheduled with her!  (There is always next year . . . )

Ben is doing okay.  His RNFA is going really well and pays off pretty well.  We’ve definitely been blessed and he really loves assisting.  But it is come and go - some weeks he gets a lot of cases, other weeks not so much.  It seems, too, that his schedulers at work are against letting him assist as they make poor scheduling choices that not only don't let him assist, but cost the surgery center more as they have to have more on-the-clock employees.  It's pretty silly.  I'm encouraging him to talk to them, but we'll see . . .  He started working out with me a few times a week - we got ourselves some kettle bells and a video and so that's been pretty fun.

I'm busy with meal planning and making, picking up things and dropping them off on the stairs for the kids to put away, laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, PAC events (this week - Movie Night and next month we're doing a Read-A-Thon), cub scouts, Sunday school lessons, and watching baby Wren.  I'll be doing full-day babysitting for Wren on Tuesdays and Thursdays - except when her mom doesn't have to work.  I haven't had her all day yet - tomorrow is the first day of that - so we'll see how it goes.  She's a cutie and now lets me put her down for a bit so that's good!

This is long enough and so I'll stop.  But here is a video for fun:


erinmalia said...

finally! :)

so have you definitely decided to wait on lucy in kindergarten?

where's the update on the ice rink? or should i say, pool?

emily said...

yes, definitely wait. for many reasons. but the clincher: she's so super short! she is going to be short no matter what, but waiting a year will help it not be as extreme! :)

well, it's not quite a pool. it's frozen in the morning - usually until noonish. then it just gets wet on top. it is just not the year for the rink.

erinmalia said...

well then, ollie and she will be in the same grade! hooray!

sorry about the rink. next year maybe.

Niederfam said...

Global warming, right?? Our snow levels have been QUITE minimal too........

I love updates like this. REAL life. It is what it is, some good, some bad, some just FINE.