Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

So my kids have showed up in the paper and such in the past few weeks:

This was one day at the library during a "techsploration" activity.  You can see Lucy's back and Emmy is in pink.

 Jonas with a "greenscreen" backdrop with Librarian Ann.  (Get it, LibrariAnn.  Awesome.).  Librarian Ann wasn't there - she was just part of the background picture.  Oh and these pictures were in the library's newspaper publication.
 Here are two cuties!  I love the caption.  They were not part of any Home Depot activity.  Those were their work aprons (we got long ago) - they were selling swords at the rodeo.  :)  This picture was in some Fair and Rodeo magazine.

This wasn't in any publication, but one of the head librarians took it during Miss Ann's "Retirement party" at the library.  We came for her puppet show and party.  We are signing a card for her.  We love Miss Ann and will miss her presence in the library!  She knew us all as "the Maxwells," but also knew each of my kids' names.  She's great!

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erinmalia said...

ah, to live in a small town. :) well, that and to be cute.