Thursday, January 29, 2015

Miles' video of him going to bed . . .

The other night Miles wanted to take a time-lapse video of him going to bed.  So we let him.

Several things to take note:
1.  He has his tablet in his room - which was an exception only for this video (no tablets allowed in rooms!)
2.  He is reading a book on his tablet - which is sort of an exception.  I'm partial to real books.  But he needs to finish a list of books and the library only had the e-book available . . . lucky Miles.
3.  The boys didn't fall asleep until close to 10pm.  On a school night.
4.  Because Miles had two lamps lighting up his "scene."
5.  Miles woke up around 3am, read some in his e-book, then went back to bed.
6.  At 5 am Miles turned off the video and his lights.

1 comment:

erinmalia said...

so cool! i want to know what i look like when i sleep! probably not this cute. definitely not.