Friday, January 23, 2015

Telluride, 2015

Last year I had an awesome day with the kids at Telluride and so I was anxious to do it again.  This time I invited a friend for me - plus each boy brought a friend as well (one of the boys was the son of my friend.  :).  We had a great day!  We have had hardly a drop of snow here this year and so luckily we have Telluride to provide us with some snow (though their levels aren't near norm either).  We all drove up together and man was it loud.  Even coming back they were still loud - except for Lucy who had fallen asleep.

We had a full day.  Pretty much like last year:  sledding, bus ride, gondola, bus ride, ice skating, then home!  On Jonas' first run he got slammed in to by another sledder coming down the hill - he got flipped on to his back and was not happy about it.  It took him a while to warm up to sledding again, but he did.  Miles and his friend Malachi went down together for their first time.  It was quite bumpy and Miles' back got hurt (awesome times, huh!).  He only sledded once more - and that was because I made him.  He has decided that he doesn't really love sledding.  But whatever, he is just as content to play in the snow and eat it.

Ivan, Jonas' friend and my friend's son, was a crazy sledder!  Emmy has finally met her match - in fact, he exceeded her bravery.  I could hardly watch him go down sometimes.  :)

After we sledded the kids played at the snowed-in park for a bit and we ate lunch.  (My camera had died by this time - boohoo).  We then took the bus to the gondola and rode it and, like always, it was fun.  The kids were getting tired by this point and were ready to head back home.  But by the time we got back to the parking area, Jonas mentioned ice skating . . . So we went ice-skating.  Even Patty got on the ice.  Even though it had been a while, she was pretty awesome and could still skate backwards.  I think Patty groaned the loudest when I told everyone, "5 minutes left."  :)

Anyways, such a fun day spent outside in Telluride!  Here are pictures in random order (since I downloaded some from Patty).

 A car full of happy and excited and LOUD kids.  :)  Oh, and cute, too.  Miles, Malachi, and Emmy in the front.  Ivan, Jonas, and Lucy in the back.

 Best-buds Jonas and Ivan.

 The gondola taking us in to Mountain Village.

 Crazy Ivan sledding!

 Cute Lucy wearing no gloves!

 Emmy and Lucy being cute . . . Ivan and Jonas being . . . weird.  :)

 Jonas smiling and having fun.

 A bunch of kids sledding.  This is the smaller hill on the side of the big hill.  But it had the fun jumps!


 She's super cute, so we'll show another picture of her doing nothing but being cute.

 Wahoo Emmy!

 Yippee Lucy!

 Zoooom Jonas.

 And Miles.  Haha.  His face looks so scared and miserable.  He wasn't really scared, though, but perhaps miserable.  I just got this picture right at a funny moment.  :)

The girls playing at the park.  There was probably about 2 feet of snow at it.  Lucy could stand and reach the zip-line.  Awesome.

The only thing that would have been better would have been my kids being nicer - and quieter.  :)  But all in all, another fun day in Telluride.


Niederfam said...

This looks PERFECT. So much FUN.

erinmalia said...

cousin natalie must have gone crazy with the blog reading. :)

also, love the pics of the girls catching air. it's hilarious.

Nicole said...

So fun! Look at the air your kids were getting! It has been a weird, no snow year, hasn't it? Good thing we have mtns nearby!

Sorry about some of the no fun times...bound to always happen it seems. Happened to my kids sledding actually!