Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The boys' first wrestling tournament (plus weekend recap) **With a P.S. Update**

Saturday was a really big day for the boys.  We weren't quite expecting it to be this big, but it was.  We signed the boys up for a short season of intro to wrestling.  It was only 6 weeks - on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  Our boys have cub scouts on Wednesdays, so they only went on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  The little season ended with a tournament.  We all had expected a smallish tournament (they boys didn't really expect anything since they had no clue what a tournament is), but that was not the case.  There were probably a couple hundred boys wrestling, from all over the Western Slope.

Ben and I knew our boys didn't know much about wrestling.  They have never really done it - besides the past 6 weeks of practice.  They didn't pay super-good attention at practice either!  So we kind of knew and expected them to look a little foolish out there.

Ben's parents were in town and so they got to join in the festivities with us.  We were there for the "9 am" start, but things didn't get rolling until 10 am.  Then Jonas was up first.  He was pinned in probably about 10 seconds.  Sort of what we had expected.  Then Miles was up a bit later.  Miles shocked us - to put it mildly.  He was determined and looked strong.  He didn't quite know what he was doing, but he wasn't going to get pinned and was trying his hardest to pin the other guy.  And, low and behold, Miles won his first match!  It was totally crazy.  I felt like laughing and crying at the same time - it was really just crazy to see him out there.

I won't go match by match, but Jonas did improve with each match.  (The boys had 5 matches!  It lasted all day - until after 4pm!  Kuddos to our kids to sticking it out all day, even though they really didn't want to and just wanted to go home.)  He ended up getting pinned in 3 of the matches, but lasted longer in each one.  The other 2 he managed to last all 3 periods, but lost.  We were proud of his efforts and that he kept going back out there.  Jonas felt pretty down and "no good," but he still went out each time.

Miles ended up winning his 2nd match - a surprise to him even!  (He thought he was a different color and so didn't realize he actually did have more points.)  One match the opponent didn't show up and so it was counted as another win for Miles.  He lost his last 2 matches.  But he looked strong and held up for the entire match.  Really, the kid has no technical skills.  So if he would now just learn some moves and techniques, he could really be great!  

Both boys were excited at the end of the tournament - Jonas was super pleased with his ribbon (he got 6th out of 6, but still, we were just happy he kept on trying).  Miles ended up with a bronze medal - getting 3rd out of the 6 in his age/weight group.

Both Ben and Jim (Ben's dad) were pretty great wrestlers and so I think it was fun for them to be back in the wrestling scene.  It turned out to be a pretty neat day.

 In the beginning . . .

 Jonas' first match.  Like I mentioned, he was pinned pretty quickly.  I will say in Jonas' defense that this kid that beat him has wrestled for years and took 1st place at this tournament in his age/weight group.

 Miles' first match ever . . . and first WIN!

 Some congrats from a coach.

 Jonas giving it another shot.

Ugh, that doesn't look fun!

 Jonas did improve as the day wore on . .

 Go, go, go Miles!  Another match and another win.

 He had no idea he had won since he thought he was the other color.  Awesome surprise!

 The brothers' two cutest cheerleaders.

A cute video of the girls getting in to the wrestling spirit!

 More fans!  :)  Of course Grandpa took the picture.

 This was after Miles' first win.  Some post pep-talk.

 Grandma saved the girls and took them home by mid-afternoon.  They had a lovely afternoon coloring.  :)

 Jonas taking 6th place . . . out of 6.  But we were happy that he kept going and got a little better each time.  Jonas was super excited to get a ribbon.  :)

And Miles taking 3rd place in his first wrestling tournament.  So cool.  He was super excited.

 We went out to dinner that evening.  It was fun!  Can you tell what Miles is wearing?  Yep, his medal!  Totally cute.

Lucy on Sunday . . . growing up too fast!

We had a really fun weekend with Jim and Diana.  They came on Friday night and joined us at our schools' "Movie Night."  That was nice.  Then the wrestling tournament all day on Saturday.  Dinner that night.  Then church and Sunday dinner with them.  We watched the 3rd episode of my brother's show, "Building Alaska."  On Monday they played some "Connect 4" with Lucy, ate lunch and then headed back to their home.  It's always wonderful to have family around!

P.S.  So Ben got home from work today and had found out there is another, smaller wrestling tournament on Feb. 7th.  He first asked Miles if he wanted to do it.  Yes, he did!  Then he asked Jonas (they were at separate times) if he did and Jonas said, without hesitation, . . .Yes!  (What?!)  Honestly, I don't know what I think about Jonas doing it again. . . I just don't want to see him lose every match again.  This parenting thing is tough.  But it's awesome for the both of them and if they don't win a match, they will definitely win some experience.  Right?

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i love that you were laughing and crying at the same time. such a good description!

and how fun for the boys! will they take more classes on it?