Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Date

Yes, Ben and I going on a date deserves a post - since it is sort of a rare occasion.  But I have a friend (my visiting teacher) and she has told me many times to go out with Ben and have her babysit.  So we finally did!

We went cross-country skiing at night.  About half-way in to our driving, I asked Ben, "You forgot the headlamp, huh?"  He did.  I was a little worried, but it actually turned out just dandy.  The moon, though wasn't full, gave plenty of light on the snow and so we were totally fine.  I was only mildly scared of the mountain lions coming out to eat me - especially when Ben would speed ahead and leave me in his snow-dust.

But it was really a great night - a great date!

 Ben took like a dozen pictures of me getting ready in the car.  I'm not sure why.  But I thought I should at least post one of them.  I'm not sure why.

 There I am.  Not getting eaten by a mountain lion.  Yay.

Our first selfie!  (Or almost-selfie since there are 2 of us in the picture . . .)

Cub Scouts and . . . Boy Scouts

We had our pack meeting last week - actually, the Blue and Gold banquet if you are familiar with that.  It was a good and fun evening.  Here are just a few pictures of my boys:

 Jonas led the flag ceremony.  We thought it was funny how you could hardly see him over the podium . . . :)

 Jonas earned 2 red beads.  He is in the Bear den and is about half way to earning his rank.

 Miles has pretty much finished up his cub scouting.  He earned his Arrow of Light - the highest award you can earn in Cub Scouts.  This was a little presentation for him - nothing grand at all, but he did get his patch.  Yay Miles.

 The next evening we attended a "crossing-over" ceremony.  Crossing over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts (hence Miles taking off his Cub shirt and wearing the Boy Scout shirt).  Miles will be joining the other ward since we have no 11-year olds in our ward.  Plus, the 11-year old leaders are fabulous and so I am super excited for Miles.  He is finally going to be free of his mom and will get to go on some pretty great adventures it sounds like.

That man is Brother Daren Boyd - the 11-year old scoutmaster.  He serves with his wife.  They are great and super in to scouting and very knowledgeable about the scouting program.  He made Miles a pretty cool Arrow of Light neckerchief slide.

This will be the first time in a long time I have not had my boys with me in my den.  I'm over the Webelos and Miles will be leaving and Jonas won't be there until December.

I think our boys really have enjoyed their scouting experiences!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lots and lots of videos

These videos were taken by our girls.  Because I am their mom, I find them hilarious.

Did you notice Lucy's awesome cleaning-style in the beginning?  Classic.  (It might get a little boring for non-family people during the middle . . .)  If you hang on to the end, you'll catch Emmy's great line.

Excuse the word "booty" used in the video.  Lucy and her cartwheels deserve a post all on their own.  In the end, poor Lucy.

Silly girls.  Excuse their even-worse language.  :)  Lucy needs to learn some filming skills.  :)

The next ones are from a while ago, but I finally figured out how to get them on here.

Here are the girls swinging downstairs:

This one is quite long.  There might be a little peek of a Lucy-bum.  And I don't have a clue what Lucy meant when talking about their underwear.

Last one.  This one is Emmy's cheer performance back in the beginning of February:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Better Late Than Never . . .

After receiving no measurable amount of snow this entire winter, Winter showed up on Sunday, February 22nd.  Welcome, welcome!  We were blessed with about 1 1/2 feet of beautiful Snow.

By 6:30pm on Sunday night we had probably gotten around 9 or so inches - it was still snowing and was expected to snow throughout the night.  School was canceled at that time.  But being clever parents that we are, we didn't tell our kids.  We wanted them to bed at their school-night bedtime; also, we knew it would just make them super hyper.  So we waited until the morning - they knew as soon as they looked outside and saw how much more snow we had gotten during the night.

Here was how our backyard looked:

Very cool.  The boys were "hired out" to shovel our neighbors driveway and sidewalk.  I helped them - it was a lot of snow to shovel!  Ben and I did our walks while the kids frolicked around, built forts (with our help), etc.  I even got my cross-country skis on and went out.  It was best on the street in the car-tires grooves, but I still had fun on the path trekking in 1 1/2 feet of powder.

The kids just spent the day both outside and inside.  They ate maple-syrup snow several times.  They were challenged to a snowball fight with our neighbor Russell.  Ben and I finished and filed our taxes!  We got out in the snow some more as well.  It was a good day.  Now it is so quiet in the house - I think it exhausted the kids!

And, yes, there is school tomorrow.

And some pictures from our day:
 Wilson finally managed to get around in the snow!

 Their barricade.  Oh, I told the kids to fill up our water spray bottle with water and food coloring.  They had fun coloring the snow.

 The barricade on the opposing side.

 Snow babes in their fort.

 Our boys had a snowball fight - Logan, our neighbor, joined them as well.  They loved it.

 Then came over our neighbor, Russell - he threw large snowballs.  :)

 But the boys loved it.

As in really loved it.  It was a good way to end our Snow Day!

Sunday, February 22, 2015


So I was in my first-ever car accident this past week.  Of course it was when I was going somewhere for myself - you know, to eat lunch with friends (something I do, oh, like, never) and talk about a race we want to plan and organize.

Anyways, I had Lucy with me and little Wren - the 8-month old that I babysit sometimes.  We were driving down Townsend and all of a sudden I realized the car in front of me had stopped.  I applied my brakes very hard and then sighed when I didn't hit the car in front of me - which was very close.  A few seconds later, however, KABOOM in back of me!  Then I went and hit the car in front of me - and then he went and hit the car in front of him.  Aiyiyi.  My two girls screamed out and cried.  I jumped in to the back and took Wren out of her seat.  Lucy told me her head hurt.  The girls settled down quickly and we just hung out in the back as one police officer checked on us and then told us another one was coming and would be dealing with the situation.  An ambulance came as well.  It took me a while to get out of the car.  I was sure my car would be smashed in the back and in the front.  So I was totally surprised when I finally got out and couldn't see even a dent in my car.  Nuts.  The car in front of me got a screw embedded in his bumper from my car.  But that was all.  The only car we noted to have any problem was the car behind me:  her new jeep was leaking fluid, most likely radiator fluid the men said.  No one was hurt.

We finally had to pull off the road and the policeman got all of our information.  Then we were sent on our way.  I was too late and too shaken up to go to lunch, so I just came back home.

When Ben got home he noticed a few more issues with the car.  Behind the front grill of our car, the radiator has been bent.  The bumper in the back might have a few problems as well.  So we'll get it checked out and fixed.

I have a little bit of a sore back and neck.  But nothing that bad or that serious.

The scariest part was just having two little ones with me.  So glad everyone was okay!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Fatted Calf

So that's what I feel like every single time I go skiing - the fatted calf.  Calf, as in that part of your leg.  I have yet to find a boot, in my older years, that actually fit me and where I can actually buckle up the top buckle.  It makes me, indeed, feel like a fatted calf - or, rather, one with fatted calves.  Seriously, I know I'm not the fattest person to ever ski . . . but, alas, I am probably one of the shortest adults that skis.  I am in less than the 5th percentile for my height.

So here is where the problem really is, I am assuming.  The boots I get hit me right at the biggest part of my calf muscle.  For most people, however (I think), the ski boots would hit them a little bit lower down - perhaps right below their biggest part of their calf muscle.  But my leg is super compact (i.e., short) that I just don't have the length of a properly fitted ski boot.

Apparently if I was a rich fatted calf these would suit me and my problem just fine:  http://head.com/ski/products/boots/women/adaptedge-100-mya/6370/?region=us

Woe is me and my shortness.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ski Trip 2015

So for this year's 2-day ski trip we tried a new mountain called Sunlight, in Glenwood Springs.  We love our little Kendall Mountain, but for 2-days of skiing we just felt like our kids needed a bit more.

Sunlight was great.  It's still a small resort and I love that.  Three lifts and plentiful runs.  I love the runs - they just seemed so wide.  One run, Ute, was 2 1/2 miles long!  So long.  But awesome.  It's a green all the way, which just meant the kids could ski it and have a blast.  A fast blast, but it still took us anywhere from 15-20 minutes to get down.  It had "rolling hills" and was just super fun.  The three older kids went on a few blue runs and did totally fine on them as well.

We did a 1/2 day on Friday.  It took an EON to get everybody suited up, boots on, skis together, etc.  Wow.  It's so much work.  After skiing we checked in to our hotel and then went swimming at their pool.  It was a great little pool, never getting deeper than 3 1/2 feet - and only that deep at the waterslide.  Yep, there was a fun waterslide.  There was shallow-entry that was great for Lucy.  It was just a great little pool for our family and the kids loved it (while the adults tolerated it).

We came back to our room and ate our brought homemade soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Then we just got ready and watched a movie.  Saturday we got up and ready and then went to the continental breakfast and let the kids eat a lot of food (i.e., donuts - after a "healthy" thing, of course :).  Then we headed back out to Sunlight Mountain for a full day of skiing.

It was a good day - but still just tons of work.  I took Lucy for the first part of the day and let Ben go with the other three kids.  I worked with Lucy on a little hill to try and get her to learn to plow and stop.  We always have Lucy on the "leash" so that we can kind-of ski all together.  So Lucy just stands up and really does nothing on the leash.  :)  So I was really wanting to get her to learn some skills.  We all met up for lunch and then Ben took Lucy and I went with the other kids.  We had a good time.  Ben ended up taking Lucy on a hill and had her ski down the whole run on her own.  And she did it!  Yay!

We ended the trip by driving through Grand Junction and stopping off for dinner at Cafe Rio.  Yay.

All in all, a great trip.  We really liked Sunlight Mountain, but their lifts are super sketchy and need to be updated.  We still had the little fights and loss-of-patience and annoying noises that we have at home.  I just wish we wouldn't have to deal with that on a "vacation."  Because when we got home last night, I felt like now I needed a vacation.  :)

 The ski-gang on Day #1, minus picture-taker Ben.

 She loves it!

 Eating dinner at our hotel room.

 Getting comfy watching a movie.

 Lucy just being cute.

 Day #2 of skiing.

 Practicing with Lucy.

 Jonas and Emmy high atop the lift.

 Cool ski-buddies and brothers.

Ski babe!  :)

Some videos:

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Well since Valentine's day is on a Saturday this year - and seeing how my kids are out of school 1/2 day on Thursday and all day on Friday, Valentine's day comes a little bit earlier this year for us.  So of course that meant we started our planning and doing of valentines earlier, too, right?!  Wrong.  I just figured out what everyone wanted this morning and the kids worked on them today.  They were pretty easy and so it wasn't too bad doing it close to the last-minute.

 Lucy's cute owl valentines - "Owl" be your friend.  She made them for her preschool friends.

 Emmy's valentine is my favorite.

 Here's a close-up.  I took a picture of her this morning (obviously getting the idea from Pinterest), tweeked it online, uploaded it to Walgrens, picked it up, cut them out, then made 2 slits for the sucker.  Emmy inserted the suckers.  Cute, cute.

 Jonas and Miles did the same valentines:  I just printed up some minecraft valentines and thy boys cut them out and signed them.  I had lots of candy hearts left over from something, so they put them in to baggies and tied them all.  Jonas made a "special one" for a certain girl named Bella.  :)  He hand-chose the candy hearts he put in her bag.  Awesome.  Oh, and he wrote her name on the card - even in cursive.  Even her first, middle, and last name.  So awesome.

He wanted me to take a close-up of the bag.  He included romantic phrases like, "'Sup babe," "Marry me?" and "Kiss me."

Valentines in elementary school . . . it doesn't get much better than that.

Sunday, February 08, 2015


Well I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't post the not-so-grand events in our lives.  So I better post about last Saturday's wrestling tournament, even though I really don't want to.  For some reason, it just really bummed me out.

So you can probably guess from that last statement that our boys didn't do so well.  Jonas lost all 4 of his matches.  He hung on for some of them and one of them he was against a kid with similar skill-level and was even tied after the 2nd period or something.  But lost in the end.  But he seemed okay with it all and had a good time actually.

Miles, whom we had some hope in seeing as he took 3rd at his first-ever tournament, ended up losing all 4 of his matches.  Ben and I were just so bummed.  He really didn't have a chance.  I knew it before his first match began and I saw the kid he was up against - he looked strong and was doing some pre-match exercises.  Oh no.  I was right.  Miles got pinned - not right off, maybe the 2nd period?  That was his first time getting pinned.  This kid he went up against first, ended up winning for their age/weight group.  The other boys were all very strong as well and definitely more experienced.  Miles fought really well and showed some strength and endurance, but no real skill.  Which we knew he really didn't have, but it was just kind of depressing to be proved that, ya know?  There was one boy that strength-wise he could have held off, but not points-wise.  I think that one ended on a "technicality," which is where one opponent has so many points and the other one doesn't and so it just ends.

Miles' last 3 matches were almost back-to-back.  He wrestled his 2nd match, then had a one match break, then his 3rd and 4th matches were back-to-back.  That was rough.  His wrestling tournament was over in one hour - compared to the first tournament that took over 8 hours!  So that was a little different, too.  It was nice to not be as long, but I think Miles could have used a little more time between his matches.  Not that it would have changed the end-results probably.  (That sentence doesn't quite make sense, but I'm too tired to try and figure out a way to say it better!  :).

But Miles wasn't downtrodden like his parents were.  He still said he had fun and, all on his own, said he wants to do wrestling again next year.  Which we will definitely make him do.

Obviously Ben and I were bummed because our kids didn't do very well.  We understand, though, that this is their first year and that most of the kids they were up against have done this for at least several years.  But we are also just bummed with our boys' efforts as well.  Not necessarily at the tournament.  They tried their hardest, I think (although Jonas' hardest is a lot wimpier than Miles' hardest . . .).  But they didn't really apply themselves at practices and so they didn't learn some of the basics.  I think I just want to see my kids push themselves . . . whether at school, at home, at sports, etc.  And I just haven't really seen that with them.  So that kind of bums me out and frustrates me.  I know they are young, really young.  They have time to mature and develop some traits that they don't now have.

Anyways, I didn't mean for this to be such a downer of a post!  It was another good experience for our boys on Saturday and I'm super proud of them for wanting to do it in the first place.  Sometimes it's just emotionally hard being a parent.  (Didn't I just say that a few weeks back?!)

Here are just a few shots from the tournament:

 Miles vs. Strong Boy and 1st-place winner.


 Jonas.  He is not aggressive - he mainly plays the "defensive" side.

Oh I do love this picture.  Even after some losses, he was still able to smile.

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Boys' Happenings: The Pinewood Derby!

We just had the Cub Scouts' pinewood derby last night.  We (including an off-early [thank goodness] Ben) were there from about 3pm - 9pm.  So a long afternoon/evening for us.  I did break to get some ribbons, as well as took the boys home to get their shirts, pick up Malachi and his brother, and grab some dinner.

Anyways, a while back, we watched a cool video on some "science behind fast pinewood derby cars" or something like that.  The video was really fun.  But it didn't help us win.  :)  The boys didn't put a lot of effort in to their cars, though.  They were excited and did spend a couple hours working on their axels, painting, etc., but that was pretty much it.  They had a great time, though - along with all the other boys.  The boys were great and supportive of each other - giving high-fives to one another, slapping hands, etc.  It was fun to see them.

Here are a few pictures (We didn't even get any of just the boys and their cars.  Whoops, but oh well.)
Most of the cub scouts - we were minus 2 in this picture.  Front row:  Justin, Braden, Jonas, Jarett, Kaden, and David.  Back row:  Miles, Dakota, Jesse, Andreas.

The boys watching their cars come in!

Jonas and David just having some fun.

Ha, what a funny picture!  It's soooo intense watching your car come down the track!

The Bear den winners.  Jonas took 3rd - he actually tied for it.  Oh, and he won the balloons.
The Webelos den winners.  Miles took 3rd as well.  Fun stuff.
The overall winners!  Jesse, Braden, and Jarett.  I made those trophies, as well as each kids' "Pitt pass."

It was a good and fun evening for the boys!

Girls' Happenings

Emmy did a 2-week cheerleading clinic.  She did one in the fall and got another flyer at school and begged us to let her do it again.  :)  She had about 4 practices and then they preformed at the boys' HS basketball game.  Fun, fun.

Emmy was all ready to go out and cheer.  Half-time wasn't until after 8pm, so it was a little late.  But still it was a fun night!  Here's a video of it:  (Whoops, it's too big and so if I can figure out how to load it, I will.)


Lucy is still loving her co-op preschool.  Here is just a picture because she's so super cute.
See, I told ya.  :)

The girls remembered their hair chalk and so we've been doing a little chalking around here.  Lucy's braid was super cool, I think:

Love it!

My girls are full of spunk and spice!  I love them!

Tuesday, February 03, 2015