Monday, February 23, 2015

Better Late Than Never . . .

After receiving no measurable amount of snow this entire winter, Winter showed up on Sunday, February 22nd.  Welcome, welcome!  We were blessed with about 1 1/2 feet of beautiful Snow.

By 6:30pm on Sunday night we had probably gotten around 9 or so inches - it was still snowing and was expected to snow throughout the night.  School was canceled at that time.  But being clever parents that we are, we didn't tell our kids.  We wanted them to bed at their school-night bedtime; also, we knew it would just make them super hyper.  So we waited until the morning - they knew as soon as they looked outside and saw how much more snow we had gotten during the night.

Here was how our backyard looked:

Very cool.  The boys were "hired out" to shovel our neighbors driveway and sidewalk.  I helped them - it was a lot of snow to shovel!  Ben and I did our walks while the kids frolicked around, built forts (with our help), etc.  I even got my cross-country skis on and went out.  It was best on the street in the car-tires grooves, but I still had fun on the path trekking in 1 1/2 feet of powder.

The kids just spent the day both outside and inside.  They ate maple-syrup snow several times.  They were challenged to a snowball fight with our neighbor Russell.  Ben and I finished and filed our taxes!  We got out in the snow some more as well.  It was a good day.  Now it is so quiet in the house - I think it exhausted the kids!

And, yes, there is school tomorrow.

And some pictures from our day:
 Wilson finally managed to get around in the snow!

 Their barricade.  Oh, I told the kids to fill up our water spray bottle with water and food coloring.  They had fun coloring the snow.

 The barricade on the opposing side.

 Snow babes in their fort.

 Our boys had a snowball fight - Logan, our neighbor, joined them as well.  They loved it.

 Then came over our neighbor, Russell - he threw large snowballs.  :)

 But the boys loved it.

As in really loved it.  It was a good way to end our Snow Day!


erinmalia said...

seriously. do you know what is just AMAZING to me? your roads. they are totally clear of snow. as if you never got 18". this is just totally foreign to me now. i think i'll be flabbergasted over this for a week or more. if we get 18", we don't see pavement for at least five days. we don't even see a plow for two. so jealous. so very jealous.

haha. i gave my boys a squirt bottle with colored water too! so glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

emily said...

well the street you see is Park and it is a busy street - one that gets plowed quickly. our street isn't plowed at all. but, yes, our major roads get cleared pretty quickly i guess.

but not by plows - rather by trucks! i swear they are just construction trucks. they just push all the snow into the middle of the road and make a great big snow median. it's weird. then they'll spend the next week scooping up the snow in to dump trucks. bizarre.

erinmalia said...

still, i was driving on I-95 (a freeway!) and it was a disaster. but good for you!