Thursday, February 05, 2015

Boys' Happenings: The Pinewood Derby!

We just had the Cub Scouts' pinewood derby last night.  We (including an off-early [thank goodness] Ben) were there from about 3pm - 9pm.  So a long afternoon/evening for us.  I did break to get some ribbons, as well as took the boys home to get their shirts, pick up Malachi and his brother, and grab some dinner.

Anyways, a while back, we watched a cool video on some "science behind fast pinewood derby cars" or something like that.  The video was really fun.  But it didn't help us win.  :)  The boys didn't put a lot of effort in to their cars, though.  They were excited and did spend a couple hours working on their axels, painting, etc., but that was pretty much it.  They had a great time, though - along with all the other boys.  The boys were great and supportive of each other - giving high-fives to one another, slapping hands, etc.  It was fun to see them.

Here are a few pictures (We didn't even get any of just the boys and their cars.  Whoops, but oh well.)
Most of the cub scouts - we were minus 2 in this picture.  Front row:  Justin, Braden, Jonas, Jarett, Kaden, and David.  Back row:  Miles, Dakota, Jesse, Andreas.

The boys watching their cars come in!

Jonas and David just having some fun.

Ha, what a funny picture!  It's soooo intense watching your car come down the track!

The Bear den winners.  Jonas took 3rd - he actually tied for it.  Oh, and he won the balloons.
The Webelos den winners.  Miles took 3rd as well.  Fun stuff.
The overall winners!  Jesse, Braden, and Jarett.  I made those trophies, as well as each kids' "Pitt pass."

It was a good and fun evening for the boys!

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erinmalia said...

sweet! good job boys and good job you!