Sunday, February 08, 2015


Well I wouldn't be truthful if I didn't post the not-so-grand events in our lives.  So I better post about last Saturday's wrestling tournament, even though I really don't want to.  For some reason, it just really bummed me out.

So you can probably guess from that last statement that our boys didn't do so well.  Jonas lost all 4 of his matches.  He hung on for some of them and one of them he was against a kid with similar skill-level and was even tied after the 2nd period or something.  But lost in the end.  But he seemed okay with it all and had a good time actually.

Miles, whom we had some hope in seeing as he took 3rd at his first-ever tournament, ended up losing all 4 of his matches.  Ben and I were just so bummed.  He really didn't have a chance.  I knew it before his first match began and I saw the kid he was up against - he looked strong and was doing some pre-match exercises.  Oh no.  I was right.  Miles got pinned - not right off, maybe the 2nd period?  That was his first time getting pinned.  This kid he went up against first, ended up winning for their age/weight group.  The other boys were all very strong as well and definitely more experienced.  Miles fought really well and showed some strength and endurance, but no real skill.  Which we knew he really didn't have, but it was just kind of depressing to be proved that, ya know?  There was one boy that strength-wise he could have held off, but not points-wise.  I think that one ended on a "technicality," which is where one opponent has so many points and the other one doesn't and so it just ends.

Miles' last 3 matches were almost back-to-back.  He wrestled his 2nd match, then had a one match break, then his 3rd and 4th matches were back-to-back.  That was rough.  His wrestling tournament was over in one hour - compared to the first tournament that took over 8 hours!  So that was a little different, too.  It was nice to not be as long, but I think Miles could have used a little more time between his matches.  Not that it would have changed the end-results probably.  (That sentence doesn't quite make sense, but I'm too tired to try and figure out a way to say it better!  :).

But Miles wasn't downtrodden like his parents were.  He still said he had fun and, all on his own, said he wants to do wrestling again next year.  Which we will definitely make him do.

Obviously Ben and I were bummed because our kids didn't do very well.  We understand, though, that this is their first year and that most of the kids they were up against have done this for at least several years.  But we are also just bummed with our boys' efforts as well.  Not necessarily at the tournament.  They tried their hardest, I think (although Jonas' hardest is a lot wimpier than Miles' hardest . . .).  But they didn't really apply themselves at practices and so they didn't learn some of the basics.  I think I just want to see my kids push themselves . . . whether at school, at home, at sports, etc.  And I just haven't really seen that with them.  So that kind of bums me out and frustrates me.  I know they are young, really young.  They have time to mature and develop some traits that they don't now have.

Anyways, I didn't mean for this to be such a downer of a post!  It was another good experience for our boys on Saturday and I'm super proud of them for wanting to do it in the first place.  Sometimes it's just emotionally hard being a parent.  (Didn't I just say that a few weeks back?!)

Here are just a few shots from the tournament:

 Miles vs. Strong Boy and 1st-place winner.


 Jonas.  He is not aggressive - he mainly plays the "defensive" side.

Oh I do love this picture.  Even after some losses, he was still able to smile.

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erinmalia said...

oh man, YES it's so emotionally draining being a parent! (i bet mom and dad love reading all of this. ha.) but glad the boys had fun regardless.