Thursday, February 05, 2015

Girls' Happenings

Emmy did a 2-week cheerleading clinic.  She did one in the fall and got another flyer at school and begged us to let her do it again.  :)  She had about 4 practices and then they preformed at the boys' HS basketball game.  Fun, fun.

Emmy was all ready to go out and cheer.  Half-time wasn't until after 8pm, so it was a little late.  But still it was a fun night!  Here's a video of it:  (Whoops, it's too big and so if I can figure out how to load it, I will.)


Lucy is still loving her co-op preschool.  Here is just a picture because she's so super cute.
See, I told ya.  :)

The girls remembered their hair chalk and so we've been doing a little chalking around here.  Lucy's braid was super cool, I think:

Love it!

My girls are full of spunk and spice!  I love them!

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erinmalia said...

omygosh. hair chalk. love it! i'm so tempted to put it in my own hair. then i remember, uh, i'm 37.