Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Fatted Calf

So that's what I feel like every single time I go skiing - the fatted calf.  Calf, as in that part of your leg.  I have yet to find a boot, in my older years, that actually fit me and where I can actually buckle up the top buckle.  It makes me, indeed, feel like a fatted calf - or, rather, one with fatted calves.  Seriously, I know I'm not the fattest person to ever ski . . . but, alas, I am probably one of the shortest adults that skis.  I am in less than the 5th percentile for my height.

So here is where the problem really is, I am assuming.  The boots I get hit me right at the biggest part of my calf muscle.  For most people, however (I think), the ski boots would hit them a little bit lower down - perhaps right below their biggest part of their calf muscle.  But my leg is super compact (i.e., short) that I just don't have the length of a properly fitted ski boot.

Apparently if I was a rich fatted calf these would suit me and my problem just fine:  http://head.com/ski/products/boots/women/adaptedge-100-mya/6370/?region=us

Woe is me and my shortness.

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erinmalia said...

Woe is US and our shortness! It's just that I don't get to ski and you do. So sorry. You know I empathize.