Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Well since Valentine's day is on a Saturday this year - and seeing how my kids are out of school 1/2 day on Thursday and all day on Friday, Valentine's day comes a little bit earlier this year for us.  So of course that meant we started our planning and doing of valentines earlier, too, right?!  Wrong.  I just figured out what everyone wanted this morning and the kids worked on them today.  They were pretty easy and so it wasn't too bad doing it close to the last-minute.

 Lucy's cute owl valentines - "Owl" be your friend.  She made them for her preschool friends.

 Emmy's valentine is my favorite.

 Here's a close-up.  I took a picture of her this morning (obviously getting the idea from Pinterest), tweeked it online, uploaded it to Walgrens, picked it up, cut them out, then made 2 slits for the sucker.  Emmy inserted the suckers.  Cute, cute.

 Jonas and Miles did the same valentines:  I just printed up some minecraft valentines and thy boys cut them out and signed them.  I had lots of candy hearts left over from something, so they put them in to baggies and tied them all.  Jonas made a "special one" for a certain girl named Bella.  :)  He hand-chose the candy hearts he put in her bag.  Awesome.  Oh, and he wrote her name on the card - even in cursive.  Even her first, middle, and last name.  So awesome.

He wanted me to take a close-up of the bag.  He included romantic phrases like, "'Sup babe," "Marry me?" and "Kiss me."

Valentines in elementary school . . . it doesn't get much better than that.


erinmalia said...

sup babe? that's on a conversation heart?? wow. i can't believe you can have opened candies. cute kids!

emily said...

i didn't ask. i didn't want to because i had like 3 bags of hearts and didn't want to have to go and buy the individual boxes. but the notes home didn't say anything about it, so . . .