Sunday, March 08, 2015

Barnelopet 2015

We went to the Barnelopet last year - although Ben was not able to come then.  This year, we all made it - yay!  Last year it was so super snowy - but this year it was so super sunny and hot!  We had a good time.  It is put on by some nordic volunteer group and is just a fun event.  We rent the kids' skis for $1 each - plus a little "donation."  So that's awesome.  They do a little bit of "lessons" and then there is a "ski-race" at the end.

Here are a bunch of pictures, mainly of Lucy.  :)

 We started the day out with too much sunblock for Lucy.  :)  Awesome.

 Our polka-dotted Emmy.

 Our good friends, the Berwangers, were there too.  Emmy and Ava are great friends and so it was a lot of fun for them to ski together.

 This is the beginning of the long, "5K" race.  I think they said it isn't quite a 5k, so I'm not quite sure what it is.  At least 2 miles.  The boys did it and I tagged along.

 While we were out on the long race, the girls did their race.

 Go, go, Lucy!

 Sorry, she's just too cute - even from behind.  She was the last of the pack, but finished the race all on her own.

 She is even cuter from the front.  What a ski babe.  :)  (Ben didn't get a picture of Emmy in the race because the older kids were going to go twice around the loop.  But everyone just ended up doing it once and so Ben never got a shot of Emmy.)

 And here come the boys (with me behind)!  It's a pretty good trail - with some uphills and downhills.  The boys did well - they kept a good pace and never complained when we had to climb.  I was impressed.  And Jonas wasn't last place this year - someone was behind him and he was so happy about that.  :)

 All done.  Very fun.

 Our barnelopet children.

After the race we ate some lunch and then went back out.  Emmy had a major fit and was sent away.  Ben had Lucy on his back on a pack and they toured around for a bit.  I encouraged the boys to go up the hill and ski down in the powder.  It was hard and Jonas fell a lot.  :)

It was a fun day up in the beautiful snowy Grand Mesa.



erinmalia said...

this is just so cool. i want my kids to do it!

emily said...

Come join us next year! :)