Monday, March 09, 2015

Dear 11-year old boy,

Happy birthday Miles!  You are getting old.  I just read your letter from last year and I could totally just copy and paste it - edit a few names and words, and, voila, I'd be done!

You are still full of noises.  In fact, I just had a breakdown on Friday morning all due to you and your noises.  I wish you had a volume knob so you could still make your noises, but I just couldn't hear them constantly.  But then life would be too easy and I wouldn't be tested (and failing like I am now!).  I was talking to Jonas' teacher (who was your 3rd grade teacher as well) and her son, one year older, is a noise-maker as well.  So I guess I have at least another year of this . . . sigh.

What else did I say last year?  You're still a part of Quest and love it.  Malachi is probably your best-friend.  And you still like to get dirty.

You finished up your cub scouting and earned its highest award, the Arrow of Light.  It took a lot of work - from both you and myself (I, being your mother AND den leader AND Cubmaster).  But you really did want to earn it and I really wanted you to as well.  I am proud of you.

You are finishing up your last year at Northside.  It's been a great 6 years for you at that school.  I think you will miss it.

You did your first season of wrestling this past year.  It was a really great experience for all of us to be a part of.  You really surprised us at your first matches.  You didn't know anything about wrestling, yet you won a couple of matches!  You impressed us with your strength and endurance.  You have already talked about doing it again next year and so we are excited about that!  The middle school even has a team and so hopefully  you can be a part of that.  It's an independent-type of sport and so I think it's a really, really good fit for you.  I hope you'll like it and continue on with it.  I really think you could be really good.

You continue to be very, very creative and artistic.  You had a painting of yours showcased in our town's local art gallery.  You have (and have always had) great attention to detail, which helps in your creativity and artistry.  You got a stop-action movie making set for Christmas this past year and have made many fun and interesting movies.  One movie, Clay Wars, had over 800 pictures in it.  That is a lot, no a ton, of work.  Click.  Move objects.  Click.  Move objects.  800 times of that.  Wowzers.  Your focus on what you want to do is extremely impressive.  Your focus on things you don't want to do (ahem, homework) is less-than-impressive and often a struggle.  Let's hope you get a job in something you LOVE to do because then there will be no stopping what you can accomplish.

You had your first "girlfriend" during your 10th year, I guess.  In fact, she was the one who asked you to be her boyfriend.  You said yes but not because you "love" her anything.  It really didn't mean too much and we don't see her (Keely) very much.  She's . . . oh. . . about 3 feet taller than you.  :)  You have gotten very in to trying to make money - in several ways.  One way is by doing extra chores around the house - like helping Dad clean out the garage, cleaning the disgusting-ness of the cupboards underneath the sink, etc.  But you also sold some things.  Some things to Keely.  For a lot of money.  You sold her a few lego pieces plus one Harry Potter lego figure (which I wasn't super happy about because HP anything is worth holding on to).  Anyways, she gave you $20 for it all.  When I found this out we talked about it, looked up prices for lego figures (not cheap), etc.  I didn't feel good about you taking that much money, but you were under the impression that Keely got the money from her mom and that her mom knew what Keely was buying.  Which wasn't totally correct, but wasn't your fault.  Anyways, we didn't see much of Keely after that incident . . .

You've always been . . . you.  A little bit different than most other kids.  But you like that - in fact, this past year especially, I think you have made specific choices or done certain things to make sure you are different than your peers.  You are now more purposeful in being different.  Which is pretty cool. In a writing-response at school you wrote, "I try not to blend in with the crowd.  I am different in many ways like going to Quest, running the wrong way, and not playing video games every day.  Sometimes my mom says, 'Please act normal!'"  Haha.  Actually I think I say something more along the lines of, "Please pretend to be normal for a little bit."  I definitely love how unique you are and how confident and comfortable you are with yourself.  But, yes, at times I would love to just be around a normal-acting boy - if there is such a thing . . .

I'll finish with the acrostic you wrote in your class:

I'll just finish - for reals this time - with a short explanation of maybe why you wrote those descriptions.  Mathematician - you love math.  You almost always win Krypto at Quest.  Independent - I've already mentioned that.  You are not afraid to be alone - even when surrounded by many people.  Learner - you love school and reading, including non-fiction books galore.  Electric - I don't really know, but you do love light bulbs.  And, finally, Strange - which I've already talked about.

Have a great day you weirdo!

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