Sunday, March 22, 2015


Well in the process of taking up our floor we have come across a bit of history.  Not only the history of the ugly linoleum that once graced these kitchen floors.  But newspapers from long ago.

There is a weird and random hole in our kitchen floor.  Upon further inspection (by Miles, perhaps?) it was discovered that newspaper was down in that hole - about 4 feet down maybe.  Anyways, a few days later we were able to get the paper up:

 The date:  June 4th, 1963.  Cool, huh?

 JFK was President!
And we just thought this was funny.

Then yesterday Ben was pulling up another wood and saw this:
Hmmmm, another 1963 paper?

Can you see the date?!  February 13, 1909.  Super crazy.  It looks like this paper was published in New York and was some sort of paper for "young people" that was religous-based.

So cool.  We'll have to leave some sort of hidden treasures for people . . . in a hundred years . . . that decide to "update" the flooring in this house.  :)


erinmalia said...

haha. ben the bully. that's so great! and i want to be lady foresight. it's my new goal. :)

Nicole said...

Ok that is seriously cool!! How fun to find.