Monday, March 09, 2015

I now have an 11-year old

Daylight savings = kids waking up later, right?!  Wrong if that child has a birthday in your house and can't sleep and wakes up all the other kids . . . Ugh.  Seriously they were all up at like 5am their body time.  Oh well, let the party begin . . . (actually, I had Ben go in and tell everyone to be quiet and keep the lights off!)
 Ben and I made this plaque for Miles - it's his Cub Scout earnings and a recognition of his Arrow of Light.  I really love how it turned out.  Oh, and if the slope-y bottom part (his belt loops) is bothering you, don't worry, it bothered us too.  Ben is going to have it supported with a wooden dowel instead.

 Miles got to open a couple of gifts in the morning, as tradition goes.  He opened a headlamp (for his scouting adventures, etc.) and then I let him open a book.  He knew what the book was because last week he checked out a book from the school's library and it was the exact book I had bought him.  I told him in a sort-of round-about way to not start reading it for a bit . . .  and he got it.  :)

 Lucy was my cake-making helper.  :)

Miles was given an opportunity to go skiing on his birthday (with the whole family), but wanted to go to school instead - he didn't want to miss it.  Same with Jonas.  What weird kids I have!  Ben was off today and was able to take Miles out for some Chinese buffet.  It was a fun outing for the two of them.

After school the kids came home and we had Frobscottle for snack - as requested by Miles, as found in his Roald Dahl cookbook.  It was an interesting drink full of kiwis, lime juice, raspberry yogurt and cream soda.

Then Miles opened his gifts.

 I took this picture for genealogy's sake.  This is the case that held the pocketknife that my grandfather (Miles' great-grandfather and my dad's dad) had bequeathed to Miles when Miles was just barely over 1-month old.  Miles was my grandfather's first great-grandson.  It's a "got-everything" sort of pocketknife.  Miles has known about this knife for quite a while and would periodically ask me, "Can I go look at my knife?!"  Why did my grandfather have me give it to him on his 11th birthday?  Because he (Grandpa Galbraith/Marlin) was smart and knew that's when Miles would start Boy Scouts.

 This was Miles' big present from us - he picked it out and knew it was pretty much all we were going to give him.  A huge Lego RV set.  Fun, fun!  (Yes, Emmy, you are adorable.)

 He also got this Lego Minecraft set - partly from his own money and some from his grandparents' money.  He - and Jonas - were pretty in to it.

His choice for dinner was elk pasties.  We haven't had that in a long time and they were yummy.

Later we watched an Ice Age movie.  Funny stuff - it's just what Miles loves.  :)

 Miles requested this cake - a campfire cake.  So easy and fun.  :)

My friend, when telling her about his cake, told Miles we should roast marshmallows over it.  So we did!

Happy birthday Miles!


erinmalia said...

it's all so awesome! that vw bus is great. and no, the curving part on the plaque didn't bother me a bit, which totally surprises me. happy 11 miles!

oh, it was fun to see grandpa's handwriting. :)

Nicole said...

wow, 11! So fun. And scrolling, down, I totally recognized grandpa's handwriting! I better...I transcribed most of his handwritten pages to the computer for his history ;)