Friday, March 06, 2015

Lucy and her cartwheels

As I say in the video, Lucy does cartwheels everywhere.  She is actually really, really good.  I mean, you'll look at this video and be like, "Sure, her carthwheels are fine."  But ask a 4-year old to do one.  Then you'll get that Lucy is actually pretty great at it.  She does them everywhere.

Now I'm not doing this to brag.  Seriously.  Yes, the girl has a mean cartwheel.  But it's just one thing that she excels at.  I mean, she's good at gymnastics - but nothing compares to her cartwheels.

Although she just started doing near-perfect bridges tonight . . . :)

1 comment:

erinmalia said...

well, they certainly crush mine! good job lucy.