Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My early birthday present from Miles

I had to beg him for this gift . . .

The gift of cutting his hair!  Now, I like long hair in boys.  Funny, I also like bald hair in boys . . . But Miles didn't like doing his hair and also has NO clue how to do hair or how to style his hair.  And it was just getting long and unruly.  And his hair long in the winter time is just kind of flat . . . as opposed to a more wavy look in the summer.  He still had some curl, but not much.

Anyways, I've begged him to get it cut.  But he didn't want it buzzed like Ben did to Jonas a couple of weeks ago.  (Also, the gal that I would have do it couldn't do it this week, then we are gone next week . . .)

So I found a video on youtube and got an idea of a non-buzz cut.  (Besides a "buzz-cut," I've never really cut my boys' hair.)

Here is Miles' "BEFORE" look:

I look at this picture and think, "This doesn't look too bad."  But, really and 99% of the time, his hair looked . . . not good (i.e., ugly and messy and super unkempt).

He is pretty wimpy at getting his hair cut!  "OW!" was a frequent exclamation made by him.  I was using trimmers with guards on them.  Seriously child?  He's goofy.  He does HATE the hair on his body, which makes him super itchy.  But I, being the professional I am not, did make him a cape out of a trash bag and even clipped it so it was extra-tight around the neck.  :)

Here are 2 "AFTER" pictures:
I think it turned out alright!  It's not perfect and there are some longer hairs here and there and some unevenness here and there, but for a first time, it ain't too bad.  :)  I did a shorter guard on the bottom, a longer one at the top, and then "blended" in the 2 with 2 other guards.  Whatever.  (Oh, but it was so hard at first because I was shaving the bottom part and the top part was soooo long I couldn't even see what I was doing.  Yes, of course I should have shaved all of his hair a bit first of all, but I didn't think of that until too late!  It was nuts.)

Handsome, handsome.  Even with a slightly-wonky mom-cut and in a trash bag.  :)

Thanks, Miles!


erinmalia said...

what a wonderful gift! you're so brave.

Nicole said...

Looks good! You are very brave! But I guess, you could always result to the buzz cut, right? Luckily, I learned from a cute friend how to do Justin's hair way back, so hopefully that helps me as I cut Jackson's! :)