Friday, March 13, 2015

The Letter X

I hosted preschool at my house this week and we were on the little X.  So we did some eXercise, ate white-chocolate pretzel sticks made in to the letter X (which, ummm, the kids LOVED and asked me to tell their moms the recipe), did an X-ray craft, and had a scavenger hunt where X marked the spot (the treasure = dum-dums).  It was fun!

Years ago I bought a yogo DVD for kids.  It's like "ABC yoga" or something.  It's adorable:
 A is for alligator. . . (and, yes, I used our camping pads for yoga mats!)

 B is for butterfly . . .

 M is for mooo and meow . . .

 P is for pedal-laughing . . .

 W is for wheel . . . (I love how you can see the video in the back and Lucy is doing what she's supposed to be doing!)

 And Z is for zigzag breathing . . . The video is about 30 minutes - the kids did each and every letter exercise . . . and were hungry and tired afterwards!  They were super cute during the whole thing.

Here is our cool x-ray craft.  The kids got to squirt (with syringes) special "x-ray ink" to show their hands.  Super fun.

They are a really good group and it's fun to have them all over!

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erinmalia said...

ugh. why didn't you do this BEFORE i did X with ollie?!