Sunday, March 01, 2015

Ward Pinewood Derby

Well this time our whole family had the opportunity to race in the pinewood derby.  The Elders' Quorum hosted a "Chili cook-off and pinewood derby" for everyone.  Our girls were particularly excited to make and race their very own cars.  I had a car too.  Everyone but Ben did - he helped cut out all the cars, of course.  I did all the axle sanding on the girls' cars - the boys just used their old wheels and axles.

Anyways, we had about 45 cars in all racing.  I think it was a fun night!  Besides the fact that it was dominated by the Distel family.  Brother Wade Distel is quite an amazing pinewood derby car maker.  He made himself one, as well as helped his wife and his 5 kids all make one!  Plus he cut out a few other cars in our ward.  He was the grand, undefeated champion.  The last race was between 3 Distels.  :)  I think Wade spent 6 hours on his paint-job alone - which was amazing.

Anyways, it was a fun night and my kids had a great time racing their cars.

 Lucy and her Skittle car.  She lost out pretty quickly . . . not totally sure why.  But Lucy still had a lot of fun racing it!

Emmy and her cool racer.  It was a pretty fast car actually . . . but was out after 4 or 5 heats.  She loves her car.

 Jonas and his car.  His was actually pretty fast too and held on for a bit.  Go, go, Jo!

 Miles.  So Miles.  His bird's nest car.  With a real egg.  That we made him hard-boil.  This kid.

 A close-up.  I think it was one of the first ones out.  :)  But he did win "Most Fragile" award afterwards.  At the very end of the track it always flipped over and did some endo-dives - it was very egg-citing.  Ha.

 The girls and our cars.  My car was a flip-flop car - can you tell?  It wasn't very aerodynamic and was out fairly quickly as well.  But we all had fun racing, for sure.  Our first pinewood derby race!

Here's a close-up of all of our cars.

 Emmy was excited after her first race - 1st place by a long shot!

This is what happened to Lucy's car after it was out . . . the skittles somehow ended up in her tummy.  Awesome.  (Oh, Ben is in the picture - in the background!  He managed the computer programming for the race.  He did great.)

A fun night!

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erinmalia said...

that looks like so much fun! congrats to all participants.