Thursday, April 30, 2015

Miles' 5th-grade Field Day

So the 5th graders from all the elementary schools in the district (6 schools) compete at Field day in 4 events.  I'm not sure how, exactly, those 4 events are picked.  Maybe the kids decide which ones they want to do?  I think so.

I do know, however (at least for Northside), that if you didn't finish the 1-mile practice run at your school in 12 minutes or less, you weren't eligible.  Miles did and so one of his events was the 1-mile race.  He also did the foxtail throw, the 200 meter, and something else I can't remember.

I was there to help from 9-12.  I had little baby Wren with me.  While she was pretty great, it still made things a little bit more challenging.  Lucy was at a friends and gymnastics, so that was fun for her.

I really wanted to be there to watch Miles run the 1-mile race.  I was lucky it was to be in the morning.  The Northside students (my kids' school) get to walk there, do all their field-day activities in the hot-hot sun, and then walk back (a little over 1-mile each way).  I think Miles will be good and tired this evening!

Anyways, back to the race.  Luckily it was the only event going on at the time.  After that, all events are happening and since I was helping out at the "foxtail throw," it would have been challenging for me to watch Miles.

Miles did awesome.  I wish, in some ways, that meant he was super fast and placed in the top third.  But that's not what his awesome meant.  It meant he finished, stayed strong, and never walked.  When the gun shot, the boys were off . . . and Miles was dead-last.  He was last for the first 2 laps, I am pretty sure.  But then a few boys started walking and Miles just continued with his good, steady pace.  He "sprinted" the last 1/2 lap and came in looking good and happy.  :)  I'm not sure what place he was, but he wasn't last.  His time was 8:36.  I was very proud of him.

His next event was the foxtail throw (they throw some thingy and they try to get it to land in a marked circle as close to a pole as possible).  That's where I was and so it was fun seeing him and his classmates.  After that, I was just helping there and Miles was wherever.  By 11 he had already eaten most of everything I had packed for him (they are there until 2 and then walk back to school).  I think he was having a good time.  If I didn't have Wren, it would have been a lot of fun to just stay the whole day.

A few pics:
 Ready, set, bang!  (There were a couple of fast boys out there!)

 Miles' sprinting to the end!  Go, Miles, go!

 All done.  Awesome!

The foxtail throw.  The "tail" is flying out of the left side of the picture.  :)  It was a fun event, I think.  Though most boys, Miles included, did not make it inside the circle.  I would say maybe 10% of the boys actually got it in the circle.  :)

These are Miles' last days of elementary school . . . sniff, sniff.  (He's got 3 more weeks!)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is it a wagon, a minivan, a hearse?

Nope, it's a Ford Flex and it's our new (used) car.

So this car has a story and I want to document it.  I'll try and not make it super long . . .

So I was in that fender-bender back in February.  There were some damages and so I filed a claim and the gal's insurance (the one behind me) agreed to cover it.  We dropped off our car on our way out for spring break.  We were given this rental car (all charges paid by the insurance claim . . . suh-weet):
I joked on facebook about this being my "birthday present."  Some people thought, and probably still think, Ben got that for my birthday.  HA.  It was a 2015 Chevy Tahoe with a price-tag of $47K.

Anyways, it was fun driving around, but we didn't fall in love with it and it wasn't too hard to part with (perhaps it was the price-tag).  But when we got back from our trip we had a message that said our car was considered a total loss and thus they did not repair it.  Instead we got our damaged car back (that is a whole other story) plus some cash.

So . . . we started looking at vehicles.  Our Honda Pilot was drive-able, but we also thought it could be a good time to look at something new.  I also realized how much I detested our 3-seats in the middle - thus making the boys (who sat in the very back) climb over the girls, etc.

The docs that Ben works for basically told him the car for our family right now is a . . . van.  I didn't really want one, but understood it could work for our family.  I started casually looking and even found something in Utah.  But I wasn't sold on the van idea.  It's just not . . . me . . . nor us.  Jonas probably would have disowned us if we bought a van.  (He just has the inner-sense of what is cool and what is not . . . as I will demonstrated later as well.)  Ben really didn't want one either.  So we were looking at a few options and then I came across the Ford Flex.  I loved it at first sight.  Seriously.  It's cool.  It's different.  I like that.

Well Ben thought it was just about the ugliest thing when I showed it to him.  He couldn't imagine he married someone who even thought such a car was even kind of cool (but he said it in a nice and loving way, of course).  He did tell me something along the lines of, "But if you want it, you can have it."  I said something along the lines of, "I don't want to get something you hate.  But I really do love that car!"

Ben agreed to check out the Flexes here in Mo'town.  He fell in love with the 2nd car he test-drove.  And we probably would have bought it if it didn't have over 90K miles on it.  So then I began an even more serious search and came across a Ford Flex in Littleton.  I got pictures, etc.  We sent Jim (Ben's dad) over to test drive it and Jim's report was positive enough to send Ben out to check it out - and basically buy it - a couple weekends ago.

So Ben and Miles left on a snowy Friday morning and risked their lives to buy our Ford Flex.  :)  Oh, when we showed Jonas what car we were looking at (before we had test drove any; Ben still hated them at this time), he was like, "Yes!  That's the car we have to buy!"  He's funny.  Miles has a hard time getting rid of things, so it was a little hard for him.  But I think being able to watch a movie on the drive home from Littleton sweetened the deal for him.  :)

It's a nice car and we all love it - Ben especially.  He said it was the most comfortable car drive he's ever had.

Welcome to the family, Ford Flex.   Whatever you are.
(Because of my angle, the car looks even longer than it is - especially the hood.  Whatevs, I still like it.)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Anniversary

Well Ben and I have been married for 13 years now.  Crazy.  I don't even remember, nor can I fathom, what our life was like when it was just the 2 of us newlyweds.  Weird.

This might have been the lamest of anniversaries for us, but I don't say that in a complaining way.  It's just where our lives are right at the moment.  If our anniversary would have fallen on a different day (any day but a Monday!), we could have probably spruced things up a bit.

Ben worked all day.  From 3-5 I am busy with my school's Girls on the Run program.  Ben came and got the kids by around 4 at the school and took them home.  Then he got the boys to gymnastics.  They are there from 4:30-5:30.  He ate dinner with the little girls at 5 and then took Emmy, with Lucy, to soccer practice from 5:30-6:30.  I got the boys from gymnastics and we ate dinner.

Then everyone was home and we had FHE.  It consisted of looking at our wedding album.  That was fun and the kids enjoyed looking at the photos.  I did make an awesome FHE/anniversary dessert for us.  Homemade mint ice-cream with homemade brownie mixed in.  It was in honor of our Cold Stone wedding reception food.  :)  Ben loved the mint and brownie ice cream and so I made us some.  It was A-mazing.  YUM.

We were actually going to go to dinner with the family, but I really wanted to go to Colorado Boy and they aren't opened on Mondays.  And Mondays are too crazy anyways.

So dessert today and dinner tomorrow.

I don't think either one of us even thought of getting the other a gift.  Perhaps that is because we just got a new car and new hardwood floor.  Speaking of the floor, here are a couple of poor-lighting pictures of our new floor:

As you can see, we still have some trim that needs to be put up.

Anyways, we love our new floor.

But not as much as we love each other (cheese!), lame-anniversaries and all!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mini Kicker

We signed Lucy up for a little soccer clinic called "Mini Kickers."  It's some "British" soccer camp thing.  She does it for like 6 weeks - on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:15.  Lucy's class is her and three other boys.  Awesome.

Coach George is from England.  Lucy asks him things like, "What language do you talk?"  "Why do you talk like that?"  "You said 'fav-it,'" (his version didn't quite sound like "favorite" . . .).  He's a good sport about it all.  :)  After her first class she told all her siblings that she's scared of Coach George.  But she's not - nor was.  Anyways, I got a few pictures:

Cute, cute.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Man girls are crazy.  Especially mine.  They must take after their mother . . .

So Thursday night, after getting the kids (minus Miles at scouts) ready for bed solo-ly, Emmy - who knew Ben was going to be going to Littleton the next day - asked me, "Is (sniff, sniff) Dad (sniff, sniff) going to (sniff, sniff) miss my (sniff, sniff) soccer game (sniff, sniff) on Saturday?"  "Yes, Emmy,"  Was my reply.

Emmy tried to hold it in, but then she burst in to tears.  Yes, it was sweet and tender.  But it was also dramatic.  Emmy gets this way a lot - especially, so especially, right.  at.  bedtime.  Unfortunately, that time (right.  at.  bedtime.) is not my finest hour.  Anyways, at least I wasn't awful.  I told her we'd take some awesome pictures and that we could even take a video and then make it really cool - like slowing it down in parts, etc.  That made her a little happier.  But she was still crying as I left the room . . . and then she passed it on to Lucy.  I had two crazies crying about their dad not going to be home on the next night.  I told them when dad came home he would come and kiss them and tuck them in.  So they sat in their bed sniffing and crying together.  Oh, and making posters apparently.  Yes, again, it was sweet and tender.  But also kind of ridiculous (remember that bedtime hour is not my finest).

And what happened on Friday night when Ben was actually gone?  Nothing.  No crying.  No whining.  Frankly, I don't even think they mentioned dad.

Go figure.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The '80s had some good styles . . .

I love that I found mine and Erin's crimper from the good ol' days . . .

Thursday, April 16, 2015


So every once in a blue moon I get a brilliant idea.  I had one this past week.  We are thinking about getting a new puppy - specifically, a wirehaired pointing griffon.  There are breeders fairly close to us and we are just waiting for the ultrasound to put our deposit down.  I think the litter is expected early summer-time.

Anyways, as I was sitting with Lucy one day an idea came to me - we are going to teach our new dog to Fetch!  Novel idea, eh?  Okay, so not just fetch a ball or stick.

But fetch my girls' Boo's!

(You now, their little blankie things that they can never seem to find at bedtime - the time when I am done with my kids - and thus I have to go on boo-hunts and spend my precious kid-free time searching for those darn things . . .??? :).

So I will try my hardest to teach our new dog to "Go find Emmy's boo!" and "Go find Lucy's boo!"

Brilliant, yes?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our March Madness and a little April Preview . . .

There's our March for ya.  It took me a while to take it down and chalk-in April.  The whole looking-up thing was still making me sick.  But I finally did it last night!  So, finally, byebye to March.

And here's a little preview of what our April has and will continue to be like:

Yep, Emmy is doing soccer again.  Lucy is doing a little soccer-clinic as well.  I'll have to get pictures of that, too.  I didn't sign up Jonas because he didn't do much last time he was in soccer and acted like he didn't love it.  But I guess he wanted to - sigh.  So maybe next fall Jonas can do it.

Anyways, let's hope April gives us some showers . . . it is so dry here and our grass looks horrible!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Spring Break, 2015

We headed out for our spring break vacay on my birthday.  It was a nice birthday . . . I went to the park with 2 classes from my kids' school that had won a pizza party - Jonas' class and Emmy's class.  As I was leaving all the 1st and 3rd graders sang "Happy Birthday" to me.  Awesome.

The car ride was enjoyable - we listened to new CDs (Into the Woods and the Okee Dokee brothers) plus some books on CDs (I made Ben - and everyone else, but me and the boys had already read it - listen to Origami Yoda.  It's hilarious - as evidenced by Ben actually laughing out loud.)  Dinner was late, but was at Cafe Rio and so that was cool.

Anyways, lots of pictures to detail the rest of our trip:
 On Saturday (after many errands), we met up with some friends that had recently moved from Montrose to St. George.  We hiked around the "Dixie rocks" and had fun.

Then we went downtown to cool off in the splash pad.  Fun, fun!

Lucy and a cute Ezra.

Emmy loving holding baby Enoch.

Jonas adores little ones!

That's my friend Cassidy.  She's great.  And she's crazy, too - 4 kids, 4 and under!  Aiyiyi.  :)  Her kids are adorable though and it was fun to get together with them!

I went to the Women's broadcast and while I was away Ben made my one-day late Birthday cake.  I had requested (and pinned) a Neapolitan  rice krispie cake.  It was Delish.

After church and lunch on Sunday, we went on a drive to a ghost town called Grafton.  It has this really super old and cool (in a weird way) cemetery.   Lots of little kids buried there.  Some were buried that were "killed by Indians."  Even some Indians were buried there.  So interesting.

An old log home in town.

 The town.  :)  The school-house/church and a home.  The log home was in back of me.  It was actually a pretty little spot for a town.

That night we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  What a crazy movie!  But it was fun and the kids all liked it.  :)

 On Monday we went and hiked around the Red Cliffs Recreation area.  It was pretty neat.

A cute bunch.

This was a little tricky of a climb and Ben thought Lucy might need help or just to stay down at the bottom.  Well, by the time he said that, Lucy was already half-way up - like it was nothing.  Go Lucy!

Cute sisters who like flipping their caps up.

I'd like a Lucy on the rocks, please.

 One hike took us to this pool.  Kind of cool.  Actually, the water was very cool!  There is a water-slide that you can slide on in to the pool.  I never saw anyone actually do it.  Miles found and caught a toad here.  That was cool, too.

We were recommended to try out Judd's and so we did.  It's a quaint store - with old-time candies, sodas, ice cream, etc.  Jonas chose a lime soda.  Yum.

Emmy was a little unsure of finishing up her cone!  But, with a lot of hard help from her dad, she did.  :)

 On Tuesday we made it a "kids' day" (isn't every day practically a kids' day?!) and went to Fiesta Fun.  The mini-cars were sure fun - for everyone, but Lucy especially.  :)

Vrooom, vroom!

They all loved it.

Me driving with Miles.

Ben with Emmy.

I missed pictures of their favorite stuff:  the bumper boats.  They were able to "drive" their own and spray other people.  They loved it.  Me, not so much.  It was nice that they (minus Lucy, but she didn't love it either) could go in and do it themselves.  They also loved Lazer-Tag. Lucy couldn't do it either - too short, so I hung out with her.  Ieven got to drive a mini-car.  Awesome.  But the kids really loved lazer-tag!  So that was a fun day.

That night we had our friends, same friends from Saturday (the Marshalls), over for dinner.  It was a nice evening.  But then I started to not feel so great.  A little sore throat and a headache.  That night I didn't sleep well at all.  I woke up feeling miserable - horrendous sore throat, bad headache, and a very achy, achy body.  Ugh.  But it was the day we were going to Zions and so we just went.  It wasn't very pleasant for me (but neither would it have been nice just staying at home all day either).

 In Zions.

Miles loved the hanging gardens on the rocks.  Very cool.

This little hike took us to the beginning on the Narrows hike.  It was pretty with the tall, towering Zion rock walls.

Weeping rock.  Emmy didn't make it quite to the top.  She was very angry about having to hike some more.  So she stopped 100 feet before she would have gotten to the top.  Silly.

Lunch time - yay!

Our backdrop for our lunch.  Very pretty.

 The kids all worked very diligently on their Junior Ranger packets and so each one earned their pin.  Awesome.

I just felt miserable all day.  My back, hips. and legs just ached and ached.  My throat had never felt more sore.  What a bummer.  I had another crummy night with frequent wakings, many moanings, and some 2-4 am reading.

Thursday my throat was still killing and so I decided to try an Insta-Care.  Well the wait was 2-hours and so I just didn't do it.  We ended up going to see Cinderella - loved it.  Then we went bowling and had fun there, too.  Although I think I bowled my worst game ever:  48!  Hahaha.  Both boys beat me with 50 points each.  :)  I blame it on my sickness.  :)

We went out to dinner that night.  I was feeling a teensy-bit better - my throat still killed, but at least my body-aches were gone.

Then at 2:30 am I was awoken by a terrible earache.  I went in to the bathroom for a bit and just sat and moaned.  By 3am I decided to read.  While reading there was a loud pop in my ear - and a teeny tiny relief.  My eardrum had perforated.  I finally was able to get back to sleep around 5am for a couple of hours.

On Friday morning I went to the Insta-care again - this time I got there right before they opened and so there was only 1 person in front.  Yay.  The doc checked out my ear and said there was a small perforation caused by my ear infection.  He looked at my throat and said, "Wow, it is really red and I see a lot of pus."  The rapid-stress test came back positive of course.  So I got some horse-pill of antibiotics that I get to take twice a day for 10 days.

We headed out of St. George (Ben did most of the cleaning while the kids watched The Apple Dumpling Gang and I was getting checked out) and to Provo.

Ben commented several times about my sickness, "I wonder when I'll get it . . .?"  By Friday morning he was starting to feel it coming on.  Neither of us have current physicians because they have moved.  So he tried to call a doc he works with to see if she would write a prescription for him.  She didn't think she could do one out of state.  Bummer, Ben really wanted to get a head of it and start taking something!

Well . . . as we drove in to BYU's parking lot, we see some friends from Montrose:  the Osorio family.  As in President Osorio (of the Spanish branch) and Doctor Osorio as well.  Short story:  Ben was able to get a prescription for zithromax.  Happy day and lucky guy.

I didn't get pictures of what my kids' favorite activity was in St. George:  swimmming!  We took the kids pretty much every morning - plus a few "bonus" evening-swims.  There was never anybody else in the pool - there were 2 couples once in the hot tub, but that was it.  So that was pretty spectacular.

Back to Friday . . . we did a few things at BYU . . . like Ben buying garments, walking around the Erying Science building and doing a few of their hands-on cool science activities, eating at the Cougar-eat (minus me . . . still feeling yucky), etc.  Then we drove to my parents' home in Miday - who were gone at a mission-reunion in Orem.

Saturday = Easter Bunny Saturday.  Yep, the Bunny did find us in Midway and left eggs for us to find and baskets to hunt:
 Finding eggs!

 Easter baskets found!

Ben and I went on a good walk that morning and then it was General Conference time.  After the first session and lunch, the winds picked up . . . which was perfect since the Easter Bunny had brought kites for each kid!

 Seriously, the wind could not have been better nor come at a more perfect time (it was totally calm in the morning!).

 It was hard to get great pictures, but the kids really loved flying their kites.

 They got them up so high - Ben couldn't get both kid and kite in one picture.  :)

 Awwww, Lucy.

 Look how thrilled my dad is at flying Miles' kite!  :)

Just proof that my mom was there, too.  :)

The kids were invited by some of my mother's *young* friends and ward member, who just happened to be there as well, to join a bunch of kids in an easter-egg hunt.  So my kids got 20+ more plastic eggs filled with candy.  They were happy!

We finished up conference that afternoon and then went out to dinner.  Ben and my dad went to priesthood session that night and Ben came home and gave us a "report" on the talks.  A very nice day.

Sunday included our Conference breakfast, then more conference.  Then we ate a yummy Asian left-overs-from-the-reunion lunch.  Then we drove home.  :(

That's about it, and definitely enough!  Go buy yourself a treat if you read the whole thing.  If it's under $1, you can send the bill to me and I'll pay it.  :)