Thursday, April 16, 2015


So every once in a blue moon I get a brilliant idea.  I had one this past week.  We are thinking about getting a new puppy - specifically, a wirehaired pointing griffon.  There are breeders fairly close to us and we are just waiting for the ultrasound to put our deposit down.  I think the litter is expected early summer-time.

Anyways, as I was sitting with Lucy one day an idea came to me - we are going to teach our new dog to Fetch!  Novel idea, eh?  Okay, so not just fetch a ball or stick.

But fetch my girls' Boo's!

(You now, their little blankie things that they can never seem to find at bedtime - the time when I am done with my kids - and thus I have to go on boo-hunts and spend my precious kid-free time searching for those darn things . . .??? :).

So I will try my hardest to teach our new dog to "Go find Emmy's boo!" and "Go find Lucy's boo!"

Brilliant, yes?

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erinmalia said...

totally yes.