Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Man girls are crazy.  Especially mine.  They must take after their mother . . .

So Thursday night, after getting the kids (minus Miles at scouts) ready for bed solo-ly, Emmy - who knew Ben was going to be going to Littleton the next day - asked me, "Is (sniff, sniff) Dad (sniff, sniff) going to (sniff, sniff) miss my (sniff, sniff) soccer game (sniff, sniff) on Saturday?"  "Yes, Emmy,"  Was my reply.

Emmy tried to hold it in, but then she burst in to tears.  Yes, it was sweet and tender.  But it was also dramatic.  Emmy gets this way a lot - especially, so especially, right.  at.  bedtime.  Unfortunately, that time (right.  at.  bedtime.) is not my finest hour.  Anyways, at least I wasn't awful.  I told her we'd take some awesome pictures and that we could even take a video and then make it really cool - like slowing it down in parts, etc.  That made her a little happier.  But she was still crying as I left the room . . . and then she passed it on to Lucy.  I had two crazies crying about their dad not going to be home on the next night.  I told them when dad came home he would come and kiss them and tuck them in.  So they sat in their bed sniffing and crying together.  Oh, and making posters apparently.  Yes, again, it was sweet and tender.  But also kind of ridiculous (remember that bedtime hour is not my finest).

And what happened on Friday night when Ben was actually gone?  Nothing.  No crying.  No whining.  Frankly, I don't even think they mentioned dad.

Go figure.

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erinmalia said...

this is not just girls. it's also my seven-year-old. UGH. although he doesn't cry about a parent being gone, he does cry about EVERYTHING ELSE.