Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is it a wagon, a minivan, a hearse?

Nope, it's a Ford Flex and it's our new (used) car.

So this car has a story and I want to document it.  I'll try and not make it super long . . .

So I was in that fender-bender back in February.  There were some damages and so I filed a claim and the gal's insurance (the one behind me) agreed to cover it.  We dropped off our car on our way out for spring break.  We were given this rental car (all charges paid by the insurance claim . . . suh-weet):
I joked on facebook about this being my "birthday present."  Some people thought, and probably still think, Ben got that for my birthday.  HA.  It was a 2015 Chevy Tahoe with a price-tag of $47K.

Anyways, it was fun driving around, but we didn't fall in love with it and it wasn't too hard to part with (perhaps it was the price-tag).  But when we got back from our trip we had a message that said our car was considered a total loss and thus they did not repair it.  Instead we got our damaged car back (that is a whole other story) plus some cash.

So . . . we started looking at vehicles.  Our Honda Pilot was drive-able, but we also thought it could be a good time to look at something new.  I also realized how much I detested our 3-seats in the middle - thus making the boys (who sat in the very back) climb over the girls, etc.

The docs that Ben works for basically told him the car for our family right now is a . . . van.  I didn't really want one, but understood it could work for our family.  I started casually looking and even found something in Utah.  But I wasn't sold on the van idea.  It's just not . . . me . . . nor us.  Jonas probably would have disowned us if we bought a van.  (He just has the inner-sense of what is cool and what is not . . . as I will demonstrated later as well.)  Ben really didn't want one either.  So we were looking at a few options and then I came across the Ford Flex.  I loved it at first sight.  Seriously.  It's cool.  It's different.  I like that.

Well Ben thought it was just about the ugliest thing when I showed it to him.  He couldn't imagine he married someone who even thought such a car was even kind of cool (but he said it in a nice and loving way, of course).  He did tell me something along the lines of, "But if you want it, you can have it."  I said something along the lines of, "I don't want to get something you hate.  But I really do love that car!"

Ben agreed to check out the Flexes here in Mo'town.  He fell in love with the 2nd car he test-drove.  And we probably would have bought it if it didn't have over 90K miles on it.  So then I began an even more serious search and came across a Ford Flex in Littleton.  I got pictures, etc.  We sent Jim (Ben's dad) over to test drive it and Jim's report was positive enough to send Ben out to check it out - and basically buy it - a couple weekends ago.

So Ben and Miles left on a snowy Friday morning and risked their lives to buy our Ford Flex.  :)  Oh, when we showed Jonas what car we were looking at (before we had test drove any; Ben still hated them at this time), he was like, "Yes!  That's the car we have to buy!"  He's funny.  Miles has a hard time getting rid of things, so it was a little hard for him.  But I think being able to watch a movie on the drive home from Littleton sweetened the deal for him.  :)

It's a nice car and we all love it - Ben especially.  He said it was the most comfortable car drive he's ever had.

Welcome to the family, Ford Flex.   Whatever you are.
(Because of my angle, the car looks even longer than it is - especially the hood.  Whatevs, I still like it.)

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erinmalia said...

that's exactly what i thought: it looks HUGE! but having seen them in real life, i know better. but still. fun for you guys! how cool that all us galbraith kids got new cars in the same week. kismet. ha.