Thursday, April 30, 2015

Miles' 5th-grade Field Day

So the 5th graders from all the elementary schools in the district (6 schools) compete at Field day in 4 events.  I'm not sure how, exactly, those 4 events are picked.  Maybe the kids decide which ones they want to do?  I think so.

I do know, however (at least for Northside), that if you didn't finish the 1-mile practice run at your school in 12 minutes or less, you weren't eligible.  Miles did and so one of his events was the 1-mile race.  He also did the foxtail throw, the 200 meter, and something else I can't remember.

I was there to help from 9-12.  I had little baby Wren with me.  While she was pretty great, it still made things a little bit more challenging.  Lucy was at a friends and gymnastics, so that was fun for her.

I really wanted to be there to watch Miles run the 1-mile race.  I was lucky it was to be in the morning.  The Northside students (my kids' school) get to walk there, do all their field-day activities in the hot-hot sun, and then walk back (a little over 1-mile each way).  I think Miles will be good and tired this evening!

Anyways, back to the race.  Luckily it was the only event going on at the time.  After that, all events are happening and since I was helping out at the "foxtail throw," it would have been challenging for me to watch Miles.

Miles did awesome.  I wish, in some ways, that meant he was super fast and placed in the top third.  But that's not what his awesome meant.  It meant he finished, stayed strong, and never walked.  When the gun shot, the boys were off . . . and Miles was dead-last.  He was last for the first 2 laps, I am pretty sure.  But then a few boys started walking and Miles just continued with his good, steady pace.  He "sprinted" the last 1/2 lap and came in looking good and happy.  :)  I'm not sure what place he was, but he wasn't last.  His time was 8:36.  I was very proud of him.

His next event was the foxtail throw (they throw some thingy and they try to get it to land in a marked circle as close to a pole as possible).  That's where I was and so it was fun seeing him and his classmates.  After that, I was just helping there and Miles was wherever.  By 11 he had already eaten most of everything I had packed for him (they are there until 2 and then walk back to school).  I think he was having a good time.  If I didn't have Wren, it would have been a lot of fun to just stay the whole day.

A few pics:
 Ready, set, bang!  (There were a couple of fast boys out there!)

 Miles' sprinting to the end!  Go, Miles, go!

 All done.  Awesome!

The foxtail throw.  The "tail" is flying out of the left side of the picture.  :)  It was a fun event, I think.  Though most boys, Miles included, did not make it inside the circle.  I would say maybe 10% of the boys actually got it in the circle.  :)

These are Miles' last days of elementary school . . . sniff, sniff.  (He's got 3 more weeks!)

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erinmalia said...

WHAT?!?!?! middle school?! that's crazy. i'm super impressed with his steady pace. it's so smart. and 8:36 is a time to be proud of! i would be. :)