Monday, May 18, 2015

A teenager in the house!

Who could that be?!  Wilson!  He turned 13 yesterday.  Wow, that is pretty old.

He's been a pretty dog great, though, all these years.  Never bitten a child - even though we had wanted him a time or two . . . Sure, he's stolen some food from the table from an unsuspecting person who had to run to the bathroom or something . . . but all in all, he's pretty great.

 We took him out for a "birthday walk" before church.  It was nice and he was tired by the end.  He's getting old . . .

 We really all do love Wilson.

 He got some real stinky bone for his birthday.  I'm glad it's outside!

Here's the cake I made.  I think I've made one like this before.  The missionaries were over for dinner and so they got to sing "Happy Birthday" to Wilson with us.

I think Wilson will be the easiest of the teens that we will have living in this house . . .

1 comment:

erinmalia said...

i was confused at first. ha.

happy birthday wilson, you old man.

oh, i totally get wanting your dog to bit the kids. i want bruno to bite ollie all the time because he totally deserves it.