Friday, May 29, 2015

A trip to Memory Lane . . . and more

So I don't think I've mentioned this on my blog, but my parents have been called on another mission for our church.  This time they are going to Frankfurt, Germany!  Awesome.  My dad's mission as a young man was in Germany, so this is extra neat.  Although my dad hasn't spoken German in like 50 years, he thinks he'll be able to pick some stuff up.  :)  My mom is a hard and diligent worker, so I am sure she will learn some German as well.  They leave on June 12th for 18 months.  Crazy.

So, we decided we needed to head over to Midway and see them in person before they head out.

 So Memorial weekend, we headed over.  Don't let this totally fool you that Ben and I have totally gone to the dark side.  :)  We still listened to 4+ hours of books on CDs before the kids were able to finally watch a movie.  Just one.  They only get one movie - and that's only when we are on long car drives.  It was super fun for them (and adorable) and super quiet for Ben and myself.  (Again, on the way back and after 4 hours of books on CDs, they got another movie.)

We got to my parents' home by dinner-time on Friday.  We had a great dinner and then my dad took my kids out for a spin in his "machine."  Ben and I took my mom out for a spin in our new car.  :)

For Saturday, since we didn't have any real set plans and we weren't sure of the weather, I decided to go to Sandy and do some "memory lane" stuff.

 So our first stop was at my elementary school - Quail Hollow.  The kids played on the playground and had a good time.

 Then we walked to my home on Cheshire Drive - what a cute home.  I still love it.  It was fun to be back in my old neighborhood.

 Then we went to my favorite bagel place (favorite, as in I ate a bagel there every day for lunch my senior year), Rich's Bagels.  Yum.  The kids must have been starving b/c they all got more bagels!  It looked just the same and my honey whole-wheat bagel tasted just like I remember:  delicious!

 Then we left memory lane and drove to Scheel's.  It's some huge sporting goods store - like Cabelas, but more athletic gear and less hunting.  But I had heard about the huge Ferris Wheel inside and so we decided to go ride it.  Holy Moly it was pretty frightening!  I think Lucy was the least scared of all of us!  I hated (as well as most everyone else) the loading part.  We had to just sit there, swaying/rocking, at the very top as the bottom seats were loaded.  Not cool.  But once it started going around and around, I was fine.  I don't even think Ben liked that part.  :)  But it was still a "fun" thing to do!  I don't know how that works.  :)

It rained while we were in Scheels.  Then we drove home, ate dinner in Midway, then relaxed that evening.  Sunday was church, a cool hike/walk with Ben and Miles and Wilson, yummy dinner, watching clips from some PBS show (showing the capture of Saigon) that my Dad wanted to especially show my boys (it showed the types of helicopters he flew; plus, he was actually there at that time), etc., etc.  A nice Sunday.

Monday morning I went running and Ben rode my mom's bike next to me.  Then we took the kids swimming (we had taken them Saturday morning, too).  Then we just packed up.  My parents are trying to get rid of lots of food since they will be gone for 18 months, so we got lots of "extras."  It was a great weekend!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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erinmalia said...

i love that house too! i might have to do that same thing the next time i'm in utah.

rich's! sweet.

i don't know this scheels at all. hmmm.