Monday, May 18, 2015

Dashing Dolphins

Emmy's soccer team, the Dashing Dolpins, was a great little team.  They won some and they lost some.  There were a few girls that were really amazing.  Emmy did well.  She kind of started to like the defense position because she would just stay on her line with the other two defenders and chat and be silly . . . until the ball came down (usually).  But the second-to-last game I told her to play some offense.  And she loved it.  I mean, she had played it before during the season, but she definitely got in to it much more the last two games.  She even almost scored a goal.

 Her almost-goal.  So close.  Dang it.  :)

 Emmy in action.

Her team.

But spring soccer turned out to be very wet and cold.  I think we need to remember to stick with fall soccer.  :)  But it was still fun - wet and cold and all!

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erinmalia said...

go emmy! i can't believe your weather. it was 90-something here yesterday. blah.