Wednesday, May 06, 2015

GOTR 2015

So I really wasn't planning on doing GOTR this year.  I just had a lot going on and didn't think I could do one more thing.  Which, I thought, would mean our elementary school wouldn't be able to do GOTR (you see, there are 2-3 of us on the PAC and so I have experience and knowledge that not many parents step-up to volunteer for things like this . . . unfortunately).  I'd done GOTR for the past 3 years and felt like a break would be good before Emmy was finally in 3rd grade and could officially do it.

Well. . .  fortunately for our school we had 2 staff members agree to do it.  Then I got a call from our district gal asking if I would be willing to do it once a week.  Sure, sure.  I'm glad to do it, it just adds to our already crazy lives.  Also, doing it once a week was a little hard for me.  I just felt I was missing 1/2 of it . . . because I was!  But it worked out just fine.

The 5K race was on May 2nd up in Junction - as always.  We had a decent turn-out for our girls.  I didn't see too many of them finish, but I know each girl did and I hope they had fun!  It ended up that I didn't run with any of the girls from school - a lot of them had a mom to run with.  Or they were in front to go fast - and I couldn't since I had a stroller.  So I was just with my very own two girls.

And it was great.

Emmy ran/walked it with me pushing Lucy.  We ran for 5 minutes, then walked 5, ran 5, etc.  We finished at 40 minutes, which I thought was pretty good for a little girl that did no training.  :)  I can't wait until she is in 3rd grade!  It will be so fun to do with her - if I can keep up with her by then.  :)

 I think this shows most of our girls that showed up for the race!

 Post-race.  She really is too cute and has such long legs - where on earth did she get those?!  What a cutie.

 Even though Lucy didn't do any running, she wanted all the post-race snacks.  Of course.  :)

"Baby" Emmy.  Emmy wanted to be pushed.  Lucy wanted to push.  Isn't it great when life works out like that?

We finished up our "girls day" by . . . going shopping of course!  Ha, this is something we like never ever do.  But I had a bunch of Old Navy reward money and so we had a fun time there.  The girls got some adorable shoes, among a few other things.  We finished it up with some delicious frozen yogurt.  My flavor (a new fav?):  sea salt caramel pretzel.  YUM.

Anyways, we were all happy and had a fun day!  Go Girl Power!  :)

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erinmalia said...

well, duh. she got those long legs from her aunt-e. :) and YES on the sea salt caramel. it's the shake mom bought while visiting me and she liked it okay. i liked it more than okay and finished hers. ha.

go girls!