Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's an End-of-School-Year Wrap

 Jonas has been a part of an after-school guitar program offered by our district's music teacher.  On Tuesday evening they had a little sing-a-long.  It was cute and fun.

 Jonas had a fun time at the sing-a-long, but he didn't love the guitar lessons.  Sigh, we need to find something this kid is passionate about . . .

 We got got a hand-me-down tramp a couple of months ago and Ben and I surprised our kids with it this morning (their last day of school).  So fun!  It's been fun and a hassle today!  We're hopefully ironing out the kinks.  If we make it through the day with no broken bones - it will be a success!  (We've had our 4 kids on it, plus 5 friends/neighbors.  Not all at once thankfully!)

 Crack the egg . . .

 Half of my morning was spent at the assemblies at school.  Emmy got a science award.  She also got an award in her classroom - "knowledge of words."
 Jonas got a science award as well.

I didn't grab a picture of Miles - but he earned some award from the P.E. teacher (maybe something like, "Safety first.")  I'll try not to go in to a hugely long story about Miles' "perfect attendance" award.  He should have been awarded it at the assembly, but wasn't even given an "outstanding attendance" (missed 2 or less days) award until after the fact.  He told his teacher and she passed it on to the principal who then announced it and had Miles stand.  Still, it wasn't right and so I emailed the secretary and principal and explained a whole bunch of stuff (like how Miles wouldn't go skiing, wouldn't let us drive home on a Monday, etc., etc. because he wanted to earn this award).  I asked the secretary to double-check his attendance record.  She did and he had not missed any days of school.  (He had checked out 4 times - only one of those times were before noon.  And, Miles made us check with the school to make sure he wouldn't be counted as absent if he checked out early.  We were told he wouldn't.)  He got his certificate right before school was let out.  (Sorry, that was a bit longer.  But it could have been longer!)

It was silly, but this really affected me for many reasons.  I was sad for my child who had worked hard for something and wasn't appropriately recognized.  I was worried about being an annoying parent, but instead the secretary told me to never be sorry for advocating for my child.  I was grateful for her support.  I was frustrated at Miles' teacher who seemed to just want to brush this off and didn't encourage Miles to talk to the office about his attendance (I would have, but I didn't get a chance to speak with him before they left the gym.)  Okay, that's enough.

Anyways, I think I came up with a new tradition for my kids' last day of school:  a Candy-gram.  It was fun and the kids liked it.  Especially eating the candy.

It's been a crazy afternoon with lots of highs and lots of lows.  The ice cream man came and Ben gave Jonas $10 to buy all 8 kids some ice cream.  Does that sound like a summer day or what?!

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erinmalia said...

i still can't get over the fact that we have 17 more days of school! haha.

but yes...you have to be an advocate for your kids! good for that secretary and good for you and good for miles (kindof).

i want the air heads. send me some.