Monday, May 18, 2015

Miles graduates

Well, well, well.  Miles graduated from Northside Elementary school this evening.  He's got a diploma to prove it.  It's been a full and fun 6 years at this school - he will miss it.  I think the school will miss him, too.  He added a little something quirky to it.  :)

 The graduation started off with the 5th grade music program.  We have a very talented music teacher and she gets all the kids involved.

 He got to play the recorder (along with a dozen plus other students) during one song.

 Yep, even though he is graduating from elementary school, we can still catch him sucking on his arm.  (Okay, it's not really sucking.  I think he describes it more like brushing his arm hair on his lips.  Awesome.)

 There was a slideshow presentation of pictures that were taken throughout the year.  Then it was on to handing out the diplomas.  Here Miles is, accepting a hug and diploma from his teacher.  Ms. Clark, in the background, is the principal.  (sorry about the blurriness!)

 Aw, Miles and Mrs. Pearson.

Such a handsome kid!  (We may or may not have cut it very close to being late due to a father not quite remembering how to do up a bow-tie . . .)

This was Miles' first day of kindergarten (the sign and bear are no longer there, or we would have taken a picture here!).  Looking back at that post, when asked what his favorite thing about his first day was, he replied, "Everything,"

I am sure that's what he'll miss the most, too - Everything.


Grandma & Grandpa G said...

Congratulations, Miles! We are so proud of you, and we love you very much. Grandma & Grandpa G

erinmalia said...

oh he's so cute! well, he was cute and now he's so big! you have a middle-schooler (or a junior high-er?)! bwahaha. you're old!