Saturday, May 30, 2015

Summer Pics, including our newest Biker Rider!

Well another week of summer has gone by.  I lost it this afternoon on Miles.  Then all the others.  Sigh.  Summer is good, yet hard in many ways, too.  But here are some of the *good* moments of summer so far.

 Many of our days have look like this:  friends over, on the tramp.  Or they are all playing on the sidewalk out front, going back and forth between houses.  It's great having neighborhood kids, but it has also caused some challenges.  But it is super fun for the kids so I am happy for them.

 Well, well, well.  Lucy learned to ride a 2-wheel bike today.  She went straight from her pedal-less bike to this bike.  It took her about . . . . 2 seconds to figure it out.  I'm sure this is all do to her year-plus of cruising around on her pedal-less bike.  It's definitely the way to go.  I hate training-wheels!

 I love this picture - Lucy riding with Emmy in front.  So cute.  Everyone gets excited for Lucy.  :)

 Getting her to ride a bike was easy-breezy.  Teaching her to start by herself . . . AIYIYI.  She was a lunatic.  Screaming, crying, stomping her feet.  Then she would do it and start riding and was happy . . . like she didn't just throw a crazy tantrum.  This happened many times this morning.  She just now asked if I would go and help her ride.  I told her I didn't have the patience for it at this moment.  Maybe after dinner . . . ????

Jonas mowed most of our front yard this morning.  He likes it.  I have no idea how those skinny legs of his can push a mower, but I think his angle helped him a bit.  :)

A little video of Lucy riding her bike.

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erinmalia said...

ooooh, i'm so hoping it's this easy for ollie! he's great on the push bike, so i'm hoping he'll transition easily to the two-wheeler. how fun for you (and her)!

hahaha. i want jonas to mow my lawn!