Monday, May 18, 2015

The Black Canyon Ascent

Yep, I did this race again.  Please, please remind me next year that I don't like running it!  :)  It's so hard.  It's harder than the half-marathons I've done.  Wow, it's 6 miles all up (okay, there are 2 itty-bitty down-hills, but not even then until the last mile) with a gain of 2,000 feet.  As soon as you start, you are climbing.  I thought in that first mile and a half (the hardest in my opinion):  "I can't do this.  Maybe this will be the year I have to walk some it."  But I didn't.  Slow and steady I once again ran it all.  I finished up with just about the same time as I always do:  1:13.  

 The family passed me at about miles 4 1/2.  I was tired by then!  Miles got this picture of me.  :)

 Emmy met me a little ways back and ran in with me.  Miles met me here and ran with us, too.  That was the most fun part of it all.  :)

Cutie Wren got to spend the first part of the day with us.  Ben was the primary caregiver this time!  He did great.  She did great.  She even put up with watching Emmy's last soccer game in the freezing rain and wind.

The weather for my race was great.  Cool and cloudy.  It could have even had it cooler, but I'll definitely take what I got.  It started raining slightly for the last mile or so.  During awards and raffle prizes, it even started snowing.  Awesome.

I think I have now conquered the "childbirth" race 4 times, so I am done.  Maybe next year some of our family will walk it together . . . that sounds a least partly enjoyable!

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erinmalia said...

seriously, why you do this race is beyond me. you're totally crazy.

you also know you'll do it again. :)

ugh. no more pictures of ice cream and pizza!!!